List Of Airlines Banned From Flying In the US and European airspace

Current US & EU listings

Some airlines don’t meet the stringent safety, technical, and regulatory requirements for being approved for flying in the US and Europe. You can find out which airlines are banned from the airspace of the US and Europe here.

However, the lists presented do in no way tell the whole story of airline safety. They only represent selected safety criteria set by ICAO (FAA) and the European Union.

Europe has the world’s busiest airspace. Here you can see traffic to, from, and within Europe in a 24 hour period. Credit: NATS.

What are the criteria for being an airline banned from flying in the US and Europe?

The airlines approved as well as the airlines blacklisted by American and European Union aviation authorities end up on the no-fly list based on different criteria.

The U.S. follows one set of rules criteria, while the Europeans follow another.

How the US and Europe differ in its banned airline-criteria

  • The U.S. would prohibit any airline from an entire banned country to enter U.S. airspace. In the U.S., the FAA is the government agency making the decision as to which airlines are allowed in U.S. airspace.
  • The Europeans do not judge airline safety by the aviation standards of a whole country, but rather, per individual airline.

FAA’s International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) Program

The FAA bases its list on the criteria set by ICAO ( International Civil Aviation Organization) standards. ICAO is a specialized aviation-agency, a part of the UN (United Nations).

The name of the FAA’s program for listing the safe and unsafe airline operators based on each country is called the International Aviation Safety Assessment Program.

The inspectors from IASA decide when entire countries (not individual airlines) meet or exceed the international airline standards determined by the United Nations.

Certain countries have been deemed to not meeting minimum safety standards for aviation safety.

Basically, airlines banned from US airspace have not been found to maintain sufficient government oversight of the airlines registered in their own country.

The FAA list of COUNTRIES banned from flying in the U.S.

List of airlines banned from U.S. airspace:

FAA banned airline list 2020

The list is updated regularly. However, not all the world’s national airlines are listed here.

FAA Safety Categories explained

The FAA list classifies each airline with a safety category classification. Furthermore, the classifications are divided into two categories:

Category Classification 1

Countries whose airlines have been found to meet ICAO safety standards are classified as Category 1.

Category Classification 2

Countries whose airlines have not been found to meet ICAO safety standards are classified as Category 2.

Further criteria for the FAA list of approved and banned country’s airlines

  • Countries that have not provided air transport service to the U.S. within the past four years are automatically removed from the list.
  • The same rule applies if a foreign airline has no code-share agreement with a U.S. carrier, or if the airline has had no significant interaction with the FAA during the past four years.
  • If a country’s airline does not serve the U.S. at the time of assessment an asterisk (*) will be added to that country’s Category 2 determination.
Airlines Banned From Flying In the US and Europe. B757 CSD opening.
Boeing 757 CSD compartment opening. Photo:

EU’s list of AIRLINES banned from flying in Europe

Click here for a list of airlines banned from EU airspace

Europe does not follow ICAO’s banned airline-guidelines based on whole countries’ safety procedures as the US does.

Different from the US, EU does not maintain a list of banned countries. Instead, they operate with a list of individual airlines not found to be in compliance with EU’s aviation safety requirements.

EU member states can only have their civil aviation authorities physically inspect airplanes flying into and out of airports when the planes are located within the European Union.

As a result, not every airline flying into Europe is being checked. It’s impossible to check every airline that lands within the EU. There aren’t enough inspectors for that. Thus, they cannot guarantee that every airline flying in there meets the EU’s’ aviation standards.

Airlines banned from Europe. Airplane wheel whell.
Jet wheel well. Photo:

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