La Compagnie starts its maiden voyage to Las Vegas

The airline is planning a limited amount of flights

Looks like expansion plans could be in the cards after all. La Compagnie airline is looking to Las Vegas. Those who fly from the US East Coast know about the airline La Compagnie, being exposed to the French airline there.

The airline is an all-business-class airline that flies from Newark to destinations like Paris Orly, Nice, and Monaco. While the airline appears to have success with their route system they believe it was time for a change

What is La Compagnie? (Video presentation)

Presented by La Compagnie, this video presentation tells us that the airline was created for business class lovers. They market their operations as a great deal with an attractive price, where you can experience a new breed of a Business Class from Paris to New York. Video: YouTube.

Introduction to the West Coast

The airline took delivery of two Airbus A321 Neo in mid-October. The planes came in a 2-2 configuration. That means there is no middle seat since La Compagnie is an all-business-class airline.

The deliveries came just in time for the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas (better known as CES). The event is always held during the first week of New Year’s.

New York to Paris on La Compagnie airlines (video)

Video: YouTube.

It is an oddity for La Compagnie to fly to Las Vegas

Aircraft being used for the route

A321s are only used for trans-Atlantic (Europe to the East Coast) or European inter-continental flights.

A321s cannot be used to fly nonstop from Paris to Las Vegas, a distance of 4,711 NM (8,724 KM). The A321 Neo has a max range capability of 3,996 NM (7,400 KM).

La Compagnie flight attendant in the cabin
La Compagnie flight attendant. Photo: La Compagnie.

I am wondering where they would stop to get fuel?

The answer comes in two parts:

  1. Inbound (or coming) to Vegas, the airline will stop at Keflavik, Iceland, and,
  2. Outbound (or going) from Vegas will require a stop at Newark or Keflavik before continuing onto Paris.
La Compagnie airlines cabin. Flights to Las Vegas
La Compagnie cabin. Photo: La Compagnie.

The advantage of La Compagnie’s A321 Neo seats is that they are fully flat, unlike their older Boeing 757 model’s angled seats.

la compagnie las vegas, B757
La Compagnie Boeing 757-200. Photo: La Compagnie.

Is this a test?

Most likely, I would not want to speculate on the operational aspects of a particular airline. But, it seems they are taking this opportunity to see whether they could expand to the U.S. West Coast.

Prices are certainly not affordable but not having a middle seat neighbor carries its advantages! Furthermore, enjoying the Icelandic scenery as a stopover in either segment is an added bonus.


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Featured Image: La Compagnie.

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