International Flying Is Increasing: How about country COVID-restrictions?

How to look up COVID-19 travel restrictions

International flying is slowly on the increase again after the COVID-19 pandemic sent shock waves through the airline industry. The world’s flight routes are indeed opening again. But, how do you avoid running into unpleasant international flying country COVID-restrictions upon your arrival?

Although there may be flights available to your desired destination does not mean you should just jump on that plane and go. One question on many flyers mind is:

How do you look up COVID-19 travel restrictions (if any) at your international destination?

Dr. Nikita Desai, M.D., a Cleveland Clinic pulmonologist discusses the medical aspects of flying during the pandemic. YouTube.

Passengers assume full responsibility for COVID-19 entry eligibility at destination

Most airlines point out that they are continuously evaluating the feasibility of restarting international destinations. However, the airlines do make a point to let the passenger know that they are not responsible for whether the passengers choosing to fly will be admitted into that country upon arrival. This information is often found as notes at reservation sites.

Passengers assume full responsibility of prechecking whether or not they will be allowed to enter a country upon arrival. Airlines neither check nor inform passengers of current COVID-19 policies or admission requirements for specific countries. The only job of your airline is to fly you from A to B.

how to look up covid-19 travel restrictions, Bora Bora, Tahiti © Philippe Bacchet.
Destination: Bora Bora, Society Archipelago, French Polynesia. Mt. Otemanu. Photo © Philippe Bacchet.
international flying country covid-19 entry restrictions
Norwegian Air’s website (screenshot), like many other airlines’ websites, warn passengers that they are responsible for ensuring that they are permitted into the country they are traveling.
Taha'a Island, Tahiti © Philippe Bacchet.
Destination: Taha’a Island, Society Archipelago, French Polynesia. Bora Bora with Mt. Otumanu in the background. © Philippe Bacchet.

Be aware

There have already been many cases around the world where passengers have deplaned at a foreign destination just to be escorted back on the plane they just arrived on. Failure to learn the destination country’s current coronavirus rules can destroy your trip.

For example, Some countries are open to citizens of certain countries, with restrictions, which must be followed. Other countries may restrict entry for everybody, with the exception of its own citizens. Then, the countries that allow entry could require you to go into a 14-day quarantine at a hotel. Would you be happy to comply with that before you are allowed to go outside? And, are you prepared to pay for such an additional hotel expense?

Tahiti Island © Philippe Bacchet.
Destination: Tahiti Island, Society Archipelago, French Polynesia. Papeete (FAAA) Airport middle left by the water. © Philippe Bacchet.

Check your international country destination’s current COVID-rules before you go!

IATA (International Air Transport Association) is keeping an up-to-date free information service by listing every country’s current COVID-19 restrictions if you wish to venture out on an international flight.

Check the IATA-site for international flying country COVID-restrictions HERE.

  • Find the country you wish to travel to in the world map.
  • Click on your destination country.
  • Read the current COVID-19 travel restrictions (if any) for that country.

Additionally, you can also check COVID-19 international travel restriction details here.

Finally, should you decide to go flying, please don’t forget the pandemic is still very much alive, so take medical precautions and be careful.

Are you planning on flying internationally soon? Were you aware of the importance of knowing the international COVID-restrictions for the country you are flying to? Comments or questions? Please contact us here.

Featured Image: B757 simulator session. Photo:

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