How United Airlines should see nice growth in 2020

Key Operational Growth Elements

Based on United Airlines’ third-quarter brief a nice growth should be expected for 2020. Customer loyalty should continue to do well. The airline is applying smart enhancements to the United experience.

Let’s look at the key operational plans and strategies that will carry United into continuous growth and success in 2020.

Key points for United Airlines’ growth plan in 2020

The airline appears to have come up with a plan that will benefit not only passenger appeal but its own operational benefits, as well.

United to replace smaller airplanes by utilizing larger airplanes, especially on domestic routes.

United President Scott Kirby said,

“The cost-management strategy is heavily dependent on getting better economies of scale and the best way to do that is to drive more passengers through United’s hubs with larger planes.”

This is a great win-win approach for United’s passengers and the company alike. As a result, the airline will be expecting to have about three percent more seats available per departure by the end of 2020.

Utilizing larger-sized airplanes also means more cargo space available for additional revenue.


United’s CEO Oscar Munoz, says the new ConnectionSaver tool has helped more than 50,000 customers from missing connections since it was rolled out in mid-June. ConnectionSaver has proven immensely popular among United’s passengers in 2019.

ConnectionSaver is now in full effect at all of United’s seven domestic hubs. This great program saved over 35,000 passenger connections during the third quarter of 2019.

More passenger convenience features

More features contributing to United Airlines’ continued growth in 2020

  • Allowing passengers to prepay for checked bags as soon as their tickets are issued has proven to be very popular. The new policy did away with a procedure where the passenger had to wait to pay for checked bags until check-in time.
  • The never-expiring MileagePlus program gives members a lifetime to use their miles on flights, hotels and more.
  • United Pass Plus, a prepaid program offering discounts, amenities and fixed fares to individual and corporate passengers should continue gaining popularity.
  • Economy passengers enjoying the choice of complimentary snacks on domestic flights.ed.
  • Free DirectTV on more than 200 of United’s airplanes has placed the airline on an equal advantage-footing with other airlines offering the same product.
  • A new and improved version of the United App adds to the airline’s appeal for ease of customer access and information.
  • In a United amenity kit, you will find products by luxury skincare line Sunday Riley. This is exclusive to United.

New aircraft orders

United remains a strong player as an operator of new airplanes with the latest, most reliable and safe airplane technology.

The airline will be adding new airplanes to its fleet in 2020. Here are 63 orders slated for 2020 deliveries:

  • 15 Boeing 787 Dreamliners.
  • 28 Boeing 737 MAXs (assuming that Boeing resumes deliveries in a timely fashion).
  • 20 70-seat Embraer 175LLs.
United has a great group of highly dedicated team members. Video: United/YouTube.

Hiring of personnel

United plans on hiring many new employees in 2020, including pilots and flight attendants. The airline is a “Top 50 Workplace”-listed employer on the employment search site indeed.com.

Tech-enabled features

Scott Kirby, United’s President said,

“United is seeing material increases in customer satisfaction and loyalty because of the tech-enabled service, along with other new improvements, such as free Direct TV, enhanced WiFi, and enhanced snack selections. That is translating into more people choosing to fly United.”

Handling of operational disruptions

“The airline continues to get better at reacting faster to operational challenges with the help of technology that allows employees to communicate with each other and customers,”

Chief Operations Officer Greg Hart said.

An on-time leader among major carriers in Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles, United prides itself on continuously improving the way they can best offset disruptions caused by situations beyond its control.

For instance, tropical storms and flooding, such as in Houston sometimes disrupt airline operations, creating havoc in the rest of the system.

New corporate accounts contribute to the growth

United’s Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Nocella said that the airline signed a record 500 new corporate accounts during 2019. This trend should continue in 2020. Corporate accounts benefit by getting bigger discounts the more flights they book.

Route expansion

2020 will probably see a continuous growth of United’s vast worldwide route system.

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Featured Image: United Airlines

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