How to travel alone inflight

Does the thought of flying alone make you hesitant? Flying alone is liberating but can also be daunting. A solo flight, especially for the first time, allows you to gain confidence in yourself and test your limits. You will be responsible for everything but there’s nothing to worry about!

Here’s a list of top tips on how to travel alone inflight to help you conquer your fears and make your flight hassle-free.

1. Do your research

Do you have a specific place you’d want to explore alone? If yes, gather as much information about that place as possible as it will help you to get prepared mentally.

For instance, understanding the culture of the place to visit makes it easier for you to blend in excellently with people in that area which ensures you find the happiness you’re looking for.

Also, check the routes the airline will use, and the weather patterns to know the kind of clothes to pack. Do you prefer one non-stop flight over a change of plane somewhere? Then keep that in mind when you reserve your flight.

2. Assess documentation and make copies

And given that airplane travel alone is not always a walk in the park, have backups of your travel documents including travel insurance policy and plane tickets.

You can take photos using your camera or Smartphone, make copies and send to your email, and put others safe in your travel bag.

This ensures that when your phone/camera dies or you misplace your document, the airline will trace your ticket and allow you to get on the plane.

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3. Tell someone

Traveling alone inflight doesn’t mean you should keep it a secret to people that care about you.

Tell someone from your family or a friend that you’re heading to a place for solo travel and this makes it easier to trace you in case something unexpected happens.

4. Packing and baggage

When planning for a solo air travel, you should ask yourself how long you’re willing to stay in your dream destination and the clothes and other things you need.

Thereafter, look at the baggage requirement of your airline to find out the maximum accepted baggage weight per individual. Airlines are different and will have different requirements so a custom research will be of help.

If you don’t know where to look for information, airline websites and reviews will get you started.

Do the same with your hotel or lodging requirements.

5. Report early and relax as you let go

Without a doubt, traveling alone inflight requires adequate preparation and with traffic jam expected, ensure you leave home early so you can get to your airline before the expected check-in time. Use your travel apps to ease stress.

And given that you’ll be flying for many miles, wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Keep yourself busy throughout the flight by watching your favorite movie/comic or reading a book.

When the plane is taking off and landing it is normal to be anxious, but the best thing is that it’s manageable. If you are seated by the window, for instance, you can keep yourself calm by closing your eyes and taking your mind elsewhere.

The freedom of solo air travel

It goes without saying that you can never find anything better than the freedom of flying alone on your own terms.

Many people decide to explore the world solo but end up regretting due to lack of planning and information. Fortunately, we would want you to enjoy your solo flight and the above tips should be your company as you explore the world.

So, what are your thoughts on solo air travel? Leave your comment below.

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