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When we dream of travel our minds tend to envision exotic far-away places. This type of daydreaming is very normal for most people.

Then, it hits you like a hard slap behind your head, “wham”! Perhaps it is too expensive for you?  Maybe you have no time for such a thing as travel? But you really want to get away and enjoy life for a bit. So, how do you solve that dilemma?

No time – No money Smart Travel Ideas & Solutions

Today is one of those rare days that I can only appreciate once in a blue moon time of relaxation.

I got up very early today, simply enjoying some “me-time”.

Enjoying strong cortadito coffee, my thoughts were reflecting on my passion for travel-subjects.

Why isn’t everybody traveling, including YOU? Most people seem to be obsessed with experiencing the world around us!

My thoughts quickly turned to why. The reason is very obvious, and justifiably so.

But what is “travel”, really?

My blazing typing fingers started taking notes on my tablet.

But wait. Instead of me writing the usual story about where to go an what to see in a specific place I wanted to convey an idea.

I did not want to write about the usual destination story that every Tom, Dick, and Harriett travel blogger floods the internet with.

Neither did I feel inspired to write about my professional expertise within aviation or airline travel.

Consider this story an editorial, a reflection designed to give you your own ideas about what you can do to travel in your own backyard, sort of!

So here I am, indulging into tips for a travel solution for everyone who cares to listen…


Have you heard the expression “Keep It Simple Stupid” (KISS)?

Hold your thoughts for a minute…

How about keeping your travel idea simple?

We all envision that 2-weeks get-away-from-it-all vacation traveling to some tropical place.

But, the reality is, few people are in a position to do that!

So, should you just continue dreaming of that perfect future travel experiences and keep saying “someday”?

My advice: keep dreaming about your ultimate travel goals, but also act NOW to start your travel adventures!

Simple doesn’t have to involve time you are short of or money you don’t have.

What is travel?

Wikipedia describes travel as an activity that “can be done by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, bus, airplane, ship, or other means”.

Is Wikipedia giving you any ideas?

If you wish to travel, then what’s your excuse for not doing so?

The most common excuses for not traveling include lack of money and lack of time available for travel. But, think about that for a minute!

The Health Benefits of Traveling

NBC News, based on health studies, had a presentation on the 5 scientifically proven health benefits of traveling. Although their particular segment was about the benefits of traveling abroad, the benefits would apply to any travel you do.

Here are the five health benefits of travel:

Travel makes you “MELBR”!

M = Makes You Healthier.

E = Enhances Your Creativity.

L = Lowers your Risk of Depression.

B = Boosts your Happiness and Satisfaction.

R = Relieves Stress.

Give me some travel ideas, please!

traveling with no time or money
Your travel ideas can come from your own computer, searching for attractions or historic sights in your own area that you were not fully aware of.

p.s. You don’t even have to leave your own town to enjoy traveling!

Explore your own local area. Make it a one-day travel adventure, or excursion for yourself.

So what’s your excuse for not traveling?

As you see, anyone can travel, with some ingenuity and creativity behind their thoughts.

No time or no money for travel?

“Bah! Humbug!” as Ebenezer Scrooge said in the Donald Duck series. Unfounded excuses!

Instead of buying that $5 Starbucks coffee and spending $10 eating out today, how about investing your time and money driving 20 minutes away to take in a local attraction during your next day off work?

When you are there learn its history, take in the sight, forget your cellphone, relax, spend time with a friend or family or alone. Let your mind go, recuperate, and invest in YOU!

How to travel right now, without no time or money – no travel excuses

Think about what you have around your local area worth exploring further. A historical landmark or a house? Is there a stunning-looking bridge? Any charming part of town to chill and enjoy a coffee? is there a sight you never before took the time to admire and enjoy on your home turf?

Take New York City, for example. I have family and friends there, born and raised. About half of them have never ever visited the Statue of Liberty!


You get the message.

Happy Travels!

Featured image: Lou from the TV series “Operation Repo” has no tolerance for me calling his private propeller plane a petrified Model T Ford! © Captain Les.

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