How do you like the United Airlines Boeing 757 California Paint Theme?

United's Livery Showing California Love

United Airlines has presented a stunning new California paint theme on one of its Boeing 757s. The airplane is already in service on scheduled United flights.

The great Chicago-based United maintains a major airline presence in California with hubs in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The airline also started upgrading its livery for the entire fleet a while back.

Palm trees, united california 757 theme livery
Palm trees depicted on United’s B757 California livery. Photo: United Airlines.

How United’s California theme came about: Her Art Here

The California-themed 757 was selected from United’s annual Her Art Here, focusing on women interested in a career in the arts.

The artist behind United’s chosen livery

The winning California livery is the works of San Francisco resident and artist Tsungwei Moo. The design represents a tribute to California, the Golden State.

The talented Moo immigrated to San Francisco 14 years from Taipei, Taiwan. The amazing part of her immigrant story is that the very airline she flew on arriving in the U.S. as an immigrant was United Airlines. United would also be the airline displaying her canvas work on a Boeing 757 14 years later!

United Airlines 757 California livery
United Airlines Boeing 757 California livery. Photo: United Airlines.

Miss Moo said,

“It’s truly a dream come true. The vibrant colors, sunshine and subject matter make it California. I could never imagine one day my art will be displayed on a United Airlines plane which brought me to the United States. There are no culture borders in art and it doesn’t matter my status is an emigrant female artist. This plane has its mission now, to bring more joy into people’s life, connecting people and uniting the world through experience art,”

Livery highlights

Highlights of the California theme include sunglasses, palm trees, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge, United Airlines California livery
Golden Gate Bridge, United Airlines B757 California livery. Photo: United Airlines.

Details on the paint job

The plane was first flown into Amarillo, Texas. Once in Amarillo Painters spent 17 days to transform the 757 into the winning design of Tsungwei.

Time-lapse video of United’s California theme. Video: United Airlines

United’s New York Livery was first!

United Airlines New York themed B757
Boeing 757 New York livery. Photo: CaptainJetson.com.

The California theme was not the first one to come out of United Airlines’ Her Art Here program. The New York City special 757 livery was the first one, also painted in Amarillo, Texas.

The artist behind the New York theme was New Jersey native Corinne Antonelli. She created her theme as a tribute to New York and New Jersey, as well as to Newark Liberty International Airport. United is the major airline operator at Newark Airport.

The New York 757 highlights the New York City Skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and the Red Mill in New Jersey. The globe represents United’s global airline network.

Here is a time-lapse of the painting of United’s New York theme. Video: United Airlines.

So, what do you think about United’s new California and New York City 757 themes? Have you spotted any of the jets yet? Please send your comments here for possible inclusion in a possible future update of the article.

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