Flight Delay Compensation: How To File Your Claim

You may be entitled to receiving money from your airline if you were a passenger on a flight that qualifies under the EU (European Union) Flight Delay Compensation Passenger Rights Law. However, the claim process can be confusing and complicated, unless you know the ins and outs of your rights. Here’s how to file a claim.

The law specifies that you must have experienced the following in order to file a claim for compensation:

Certain departure and arrival and air carrier nationality (flag carrier) qualifications must have been met, as explained below. Then, your flight must have been delayed or canceled, or you were denied boarding, or you missed your connection.

Watch 24 hours of traffic over the UK. NATS.

What is the European Flight Delay Compensation Law?

The European Flight Compensation Regulation 261 became law on February 11, 2004, designed as a passenger rights advocate law. It went into effect on February 17, 2005.

Is your flight covered under the Flight Delay Compensation Rules?

The law covers a lot of details under which qualifies you for monetary compensation when certain conditions are met. Therefore, here’s a checklist to help you see if your qualifies for compensation:

Euro traffic control, flight delay compensation
Image: Euro Traffic Control.

First, find out if you qualify for flight delay compensation

1. Did your affected flight:

a) Depart (take off) OUTSIDE of Europe (for example, from the U.S. or Asia), AND landing IN Europe, and was your flight operated by a EUROPEAN carrier?

b) Depart (take off) FROM Europe, and was your flight operated by a carrier of ANY nationality?

If you answered YES to any of the above, continue reading…

2. Did you experience one of these things?

  • A flight Delay?
  • Denied Boarding?
  • Missed Connection?
  • Flight Cancellation?

If you answered YES to any of the above… then you qualify!

how to file a claim for flight delay or cancellation compensation
Flight delays can be frustrating. Here from a delay at Oslo (OSL) Airport in Norway. Photo:

How much can you get paid?

The compensation entitlement goes as high as 600 Euros (about US$700) per passenger.

So, how can you get your flight compensation money into your bank account?

flight delay compensation instructions
High flight. Photo:

Option 1: You can file your claim directly with the airline

Some airlines make the claim information more accessible than others. Norwegian Air has one of the best available claim information for passengers affected by flight delay compensation claims.

However, filing your claim directly with your airline can be a long and complicated battle.

70% of passengers filing the claim process on their own are reporting that airlines don’t follow up with processing their claims!

If you encounter problems when you file your claim directly with your airline you can resort to European Enforcement Bodies for complaints. If you are in the U.S. you can contact the Department of Transportation (DOT).

delayed or cancelled flights
At the gate. Photo:

Option 2: Have a flight delay compensation claim company handle your claim

To take on the entire flight delay compensation process without all the unknowns required, why not let one of those third-party companies out there handle your claim?

However, there are some not-so-good third-party operators out there, so make sure you deal with a reputable one.

One such highly reputable and highly respected company endorsed by Captain Jetson Aviation & Travel News is the French company Air-Collect.



In the remote possibility that Air-Collect is unsuccessful in obtaining your compensation from the airline, then there are ZERO fees to pay!

Also, your money will first be deposited by your airline into your bank account in your own country’s currency before Air-Collect’s fee is due.

How to get a 10% discount off Air-Collect’s flight compensation award fee

Thanks to a special agreement between Captain Jetson and Air-Collect, we are now able to give you a 10% discount off Air-Collect’s flight compensation award fee!

Filing and Getting your Discount is easy

Filing your claim, Option 1:

SCAN the QR code below to instantly get your 10% Captain Jetson discount from Air-Collect.

Captain Jetson 10 percent Air Collect Discount

…Doing so will conveniently take you directly to a flight compensation claim form.

– OR –

Filing your claim, Option 2:

Go to, but make sure to TYPE in the discount code:


Enter your Captain Jetson Promo Code (discount code) into your online claim form AT THE END OF THE FORM…

Air Collect flight delay compensation claim form

…otherwise, you cannot get your 10% discount credit!

How you receive your flight delay compensation

Do you live in the U.S.? If so, your value of the settlement will be directly deposited into your private U.S. bank account in U.S. dollar currency.

Regardless of which country in which you live, you will receive your money by direct deposit into your bank account in your local currency.

Featured Image:

Captain Jetson Affiliate Disclosure with Air-Collect.

We hope you found these practical tips on how to file a flight delay compensation claim practical. If you decide to use the services of Air-Collect, please let us know about your experiences! For comments or questions please contact us here.

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