Embraer Commercial Division being rebranded by Boeing

Although the Regulatory Approval hasn’t finalized the intention, Boeing has already decided to rebrand the Division Boeing Brasil-Commercial while dropping one of the most iconic names in the narrow-body space according to Reuters Marcelo Rochabrun.

The Embraer name lives on, while there is uncertainty on rebranding its portfolio

While the Embraer name will continue in Defense and Executive Jets, Boeing has not made a decision of whether the company will keep it separate of infused it along the Boeing Legacy Aircraft.

The name “Embraer” evokes pride and holds a special place in Brazil as the state-run company was privatized in 1994. Its name is an acronym for Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica.

The end result is a realignment and strengthening of a duopoly that has been fierce but other players slowly are making it to scenes like China, Russia, and Japan. 

While the Commercial Division was the most profitable part of the company it is considered a gold standard of Brazilian Engineering, making passenger jets of less than 150 seats.

What could happen?

When Airbus bought the controlling stake of the Bombardier C-Series, Airbus took the planes.

As part of its branding, it made the Bombardier aircraft a part of their own staple.

While I believe Boeing’s rebranding of Embraer could happen, it might not be realized following a Boeing-determined timeline.

Clearing the air surrounding the 737 Max 8 challenge needs to happen first.

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Featured photo credit: Boeing/Embraer

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