EasyJet Passenger Review: EasyJet’s Ratings In The Budget-Travel World

The thousands of EasyJet Airlines passenger reviews, rating the airline, offer a mixed bag of opinions. If you are looking to book a trip to the United Kingdom, you may easily come across EasyJet Airlines.

The very name of the company makes taking a vacation seem, well… easy. Depending on your experience with the low-budget airline, you may not feel the holiday is as simple as the name suggests.

It is important to know what you are getting into when booking a flight with EasyJet, however.

How EasyJet Airlines operates

The company is a low-budget airline which means it takes out the frills and offers travelers a basic trip to a destination.

What you sacrifice in amenities is made up for in the low cost for the airfare. But just because EasyJet provides you with a low fare ticket to an exciting destination, it doesn’t mean the airline is right for your next trip.

EasyJet flies to over 30 countries and bundles hotel and car rental into a cost-savings package. There are also a variety of vacation specials that are very tempting for travelers to enjoy.

Passenger Reviews and Ratings: EasyJet versus Ryanair

Travelers do not seem to hold the same contempt for EasyJet as other low-cost airlines such as Ryanair. There are still plenty of customer issues, however, that stem from poor services provided by EasyJet.

Passenger comfort at EasyJet

Passenger comfort can be a mixed bag when flying via EasyJet. Taller passengers will have an issue with the tight seating and lack of legroom. You can purchase seats with extra legroom; however, customers have stated in reviews that they were not given the seats they had paid for in advance.

Customers can pay extra for priority boarding. Taking advantage of that means when the overhead cabin space is gone, those travelers last onto the plane may have their luggage put into the hold.

These last-minute bags can be left behind, leaving you without your travel attire. That isn’t great when flying from a chilly Manchester to a sunny Corfu. If they aren’t left behind, your flight could takeoff much later than expected.

EasyJet booking tips

The rule of note with EasyJet is to book extra leg room and priority boarding if that matters to you. Unfortunately, some customers have said paying for these items doesn’t mean you will receive them. If extra legroom and priority booking are not important, then you should have little issue with the seating.

On a positive note, one item that has received positive reviews from customers is the non-reclining seats. This prevents the leg space you do have getting taken by the jerk in front of you.

Luggage and extra costs

A 2019 Guardian article detailed EasyJet’s inconsistencies with their luggage rules. The author of the article wrote about a trip in which their bag was allowed into the hold on the first leg of the vacation, but on the return trip, it was said to be too large.

EasyJet’s inconsistency with enforcing the rules and charging extra fees when it wants to is a nightmare for travelers. You won’t know just what is or isn’t allowed to be taken on a flight until you get to the airport to check in.

Sports equipment, such as skis, will see you charged an extra fee for transporting. However, this may not be enforced by the airline on your departure and/or return flight.

EasyJet adds extra fees to travelers booking priority boarding and extra legroom. Yet, these extras are not always given to those who purchase them. Plenty of flights board every day with non-priority boarding passengers jumping into the line and are not turned back. Of course, this happens with legacy airlines, too.

Food and drink are also an extra charge, so don’t expect a Coke and pack of pretzels to be dropped onto your lap for free.

Customer Experiences

As I wrote about Ryanair, the customer experience can differ greatly from passenger to passenger. You may have a perfect flight with the takeoff and landing occurring on time, ample legroom, and hot beverages available to purchase. However, not everyone is so lucky.

In 2017, EasyJet was fined £50,000 by a French court for refusing to let a disabled passenger board a flight due to “security reasons”. The incident occurred in 2010 and those security reasons are still unclear.

It wasn’t the first time the airline was involved in a scandal. To say EasyJet is the only airline to face such issues would be wrong. In 2017, a man was dragged off of a United Airlines flight for refusing to give up his seat.

Flight overbooking and issues with customer service seem to be a part and parcel of the airline industry. However, we seem to hold the budget airlines to a higher standard. Is it because we pay less for the airfare? That seems backward.

EasyJet passenger reviews & ratings

EasyJet passenger reviews and ratings


In 2016, the company had developed a reputation for canceling flights at the last minute.

Around that time, passengers who had been denied their original flights due to a French strike had filed for refunds. If those passengers received money, it took months, emails, and telephone calls for the refunds to be made. According to Refund My Ticket, EasyJet had a 0.69% cancelation rate in 2018.

Ground crew

As with all airlines, customer reviews of EasyJet’s ground crew are mixed. It seems that the ground crew, just like all the other aspects of an EasyJet flight, can dictate how good or bad your trip will be. Poor ground crew work has previously delayed EasyJet flights. This can be frustrating for anyone waiting to get airborne.

Lost luggage

EasyJet’s communication when it comes to lost luggage can be improved. Many of the promises and claims made by managers do not simply happen, according to past customers. Follow-ups by EasyJet customer service are few and far between.

Customer service communication is lacking in EasyJet’s work with customers. Staff is not often forthcoming with information to passengers during delays. Plus, follow-ups on lost luggage are minimal at best.

Should you fly EasyJet?

I was recently traveling in the US and my flight in Atlanta was delayed for two hours by a major American airline due to a lack of flight attendants. My point is, regardless of the airline, delays and other setbacks happen that cause flights to be headaches.

EasyJet is a low-budget airline, so going into the trip with that in mind can make the entire experience better. If the lack of legroom, pricey beverages, and no in-flight entertainment are an issue, then consider booking with another airline.

If you like paying dirt-cheap prices for a flight to Barcelona, Budapest, or Bucharest, then, by all means, fly EasyJet!

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