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Did you read the Traveling With Your Pet Dog Tips?

Meet Chief! The star-actor of the article.

Traveling with your pet dog was one story that became very popular here on Captain Jetson. The publishing was literally read and shared among the thousands of you!

Sharing travel and aviation news and tips are one thing I simply thrive at doing. When a post becomes very popular I sure feel that my mission was accomplished.

And that mission is to keep you happy with what you can find on the site. Hopefully, that will keep your travel or aviation interest and desire lasting.

Meet Chief, my K9 German Shepherd

traveling with your dog

Did you know that the pictured “star-actor” of Christine Mungai’s article, How to Travel with Your Pet Dog, is my beloved German Shepherd dog Chief?

Well, I just want to share some more background on Chief.

Why? Because, after that article was published I received tons of email-reactions from readers who fell in love with “that dog pictured in the article”.

Renewed interest in Chief

how to travel with your pet dog
Chief patiently waiting for me to come home from flying

Since the first highlight of popularity from that article took place the story has come into focus again. This largely thanks to Captain Jetson’s media guy Masum, who wanted to put the article in front of so many new people again.

Therefore, here I have a surprise for you:

So let me introduce Chief to you again, but here as a movie star (bottom). After all, Chief is based right here in Los Angeles, the land of Hollywood.

So what is more natural than filming a star in his own private front yard?

Oh, yes, Chief will gladly give you his autograph (or paw print that is), just for the asking, at no charge, of course.

K9 Chief
Chief enjoying his water while I enjoy my coffee in Old Town Pasadena, California

Chief versus Rin Tin Tin

Many people tell me that Chief resembles the big German Shepherd star of Hollywood movies of the 1920’2 to the 1930s.

Starring in these movies was Rin Tin Tin.

Rin Tin Tin was rescued by an American soldier, Lee Duncan, on the European World War 1 battlefield.

Duncan trained Rin Tin Tin and got his dog cast in movies. From there, Rin Tin Tin became a world famous dog in the movies of the era.

Compare Chief and Rin Tin Tin here

What do you think? Does Chief look like Rin Tin Tin?

traveling with your dog tips
This is my Chief
Rin Tin Tin movie star German Shepherd
This is Rin Tin Tin

Starring, LIVE from Hollywood, here’s CHIEF, Captain Jetson’s loyal guardian and protector!

Do you have a dog yourself? If so, I am sure how you can identify with the tremendous happiness that gives you.

What’s better than a best friend in life who constantly gives you unconditional love 24/7?

Enjoy the video of Chief:

Typical of a K9 German Shepherd, Chief is always using strategy behind everything he does. Here trying to trick a gecko out of hiding in the bushes of my front yard.
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