Current Airbus Orders and Deliveries

August 2019

Orders and deliveries for Airbus airplanes are down. For August 2019, Airbus has reported its lowest number of deliveries since January, with just 42 jets being delivered. August is known for being a slow delivery month for Airbus, but 42 is still well below Airbus’ target – they want to deliver 880-890 commercial aircraft in 2019.

Their cumulative deliveries for 2019 (as of August 31) now stand at 500. This means they need to deliver nearly 100 aircraft per month for the rest of the year to reach their ambitious target. In 2018 Airbus delivered 800 aircraft.

Airbus orders for August

Meanwhile, Airbus logged 16 orders in August – all for A320neo family jets. An undisclosed customer has ordered 15 of the 4700nm range A321XLR aircraft. The other aircraft ordered was an A320neo for a private customer.

Net gross orders for 2019

This takes Airbus’ net gross orders for 2019 up to 262. Accounting for cancellations, of which there have been 167, total net orders stand at 95 year-to-date. This means the European airframer’s total backlog stands at 7,172 aircraft as of August 31, 2019. This is made up of 5,810 A320 family jets, 428 A220s, 613 A350s, 270 A330s, and the final 51 A380s.

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Video: Airbus

Breakdown of Deliveries


Airbus delivered 16 aircraft to European airlines, and 1 to a European lessor:

  • 1 A220-300 to lessor GTLK Europe
  • 12 A320-family aircraft, all but one of which were NEO aircraft
  • 2 A330-900s, one to HiFly and one to TAP Air Portugal
  • 2 A350-1000 aircraft to Virgin Atlantic


13 aircraft headed to Asian carriers:

  • 7 A320-family aircraft (5neo, 2ceo)
  • 3 A330-900 aircraft – 2 to AirAsia X, and 1 to Lion Air
  • 3 A350-900s, one each to Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore Airlines

North America (USA & Canada)

8 aircraft were delivered to US airlines:

  • 2 A220-100s to Delta Air Lines
  • 5 A320-family aircraft – 1 A320neo to Frontier Airlines, 1 A321neo to Hawaiian Airlines, and 3 A321ceos to Delta Air Lines
  • 1 A330-900 to Delta Air Lines

Latin America & The Caribbean

2 aircraft were delivered to Latin American carriers:

  • 1 A320ceo to Viva Air Colombia
  • 1 A320neo to VivaAerobus

Middle East

1 A320neo was delivered to Kuwait Airways.


Airbus did not deliver any aircraft to African airlines in August.

Featured Image Source: Airbus

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