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The Hottest New Travel Trend Among Millenials!

The CityPals.com personal travel guides can turn your travel dreams into a wonderful reality. Who wouldn’t love to have an exclusive local guide show you around? You get to experience what you want to do and see!

With the CityPals App, you can quickly browse through a list of registered CityPals guides. The guides are friendly personal tour guides who are available in the city that you plan to visit.

Simply enter the city you are going to in the app, and voila. You are in total charge of your own travel experiences.

Millennial Generation travelers have specific travel preferences

CityPals is rapidly becoming a popular craze among the millennial generation of travelers.

Editors’ note: The millennial generation is defined as someone born between the early 1980s into the early 2000s.

And no wonder. These demographics among travelers are generally well established and ready to explore the world!

By the way, millennials also belong to the fastest growing segment of world travelers.

Travel research shows that millennials are typical “explorers and seekers of exclusive experiences”.

CityPals offers very exclusive experiences indeed. So no wonder why the millennials are rapidly growing a love-affair with CityPals.

How CityPals Benefits all Travelers

CityPals is also perfect for any solo traveler or a couple who just wants to explore the world on their own.

Or perhaps someone just needs a weekend to themselves in another town?

When you connect with a local CityPals personal travel guide you will be shown around with the attention focused on you.

And the price? Surprisingly affordable!

CItyPals countries and cities served

CityPals personal travel guides currently provide tours and local experiences in over 75 countries. Thousands of cities and communities around the world are covered.

City Pals local treasures & hangouts

The CityPals Idea, accommodating Travelers’ Needs

CityPals Travel App founders
CityPals co-founders Denisa and Amotz

Denisa and Amotz, CityPals co-founders explain

The idea for the CityPals personal travel guide service came to us in 2016. It was on a beautiful summer day in Vienna.  

We were on a family trip to Austria and Slovakia when a childhood friend saw our Facebook posts and pictures from Bratislava. He offered to take us on a tour of Vienna where he was now living. 

And he guaranteed that both of us as parents and our kids would be entertained.

We had an excellent time with him, rekindling a friendship and enjoying an experience that only a local could have provided. 

From an idea into a service helping travelers

This sparked the idea behind CityPals: to offer world travelers a platform on which to connect with locals while giving both a chance for friendship and companionship.

Developing CityPals

Back home in Los Angeles, we immediately started to design, develop and then launch CityPals. Our first CityPals tour was booked in September 2017 in New York.  

A young Australian family with five kids hired a Manhattan CityPal to show them around the Big Apple and help to navigate the subway system and the sites.

The birth of the CityPals App

Steadily, CityPals began to register in more and more cities, tour bookings increased and in June 2018 the awesome CityPals App was launched! 

Every day, our team is inspired by stories from every corner of the globe where CityPals have gone out of their way to assist travelers with their journeys. 

Our CityPals App provides valuable information, local advice, unique experiences and most important companionship to travelers seeking a meaningful way to explore the world.

Two years into it, CityPals has succeeded in realizing our vision to change the way people explore the world by facilitating human connections, companionship, and cultural exchange.

Exclusive experiences, exploring what you want to see and do

CityPal travel guide
CityPal Michela offers Private Local Tours in Tokyo, Japan.

But the CityPals don’t just take you to the landmarks and typical tourist sites. They will take you to the places you want to see. They’ll also give you the inside tour of the places that only locals would know about in their own city.

It is smart. Lets’ say you want a dining companion and you want to try the best cuisine in Tokyo:

Finding the best places that aren’t heavily visited by tourists is your best bet for both quality and value.

Henry’s great travel experience for life

Henry, the longtime international traveler had this to say about his recent CityPals experience in Mexico City:

Memorial weekend, long weekend, an extra day off what to do? Book a flight to Mexico City… need a guide? Google tour guides in Mexico city… voila, welcome to CityPals.com.

From the moment she accepted the tour Delia was very professional and attentive to detail always communicating and asking the necessary questions for a tailored experience.

Though I am no beginner to international travel it was my first time in Mexico. I don’t speak Spanish, I am basically a stranger far away from home in search of an adventure and lifelong memories…

We met early Saturday Morning outside the Chapultepec Castle where she greeted me with a warm smile full of authentic Mexican hospitality that instantly alleviated all my worries, I knew then that I was with a friend.

Albeit our scheduled tour hours were over. Deila joined me for a well-deserved meal and despite being unavailable the following day she provided me with meticulous instructions on visiting the Teotihuacan Pyramids located approximately 25 miles from Mexico City.

Thank you, Delia, for an amazing experience, to say that you were awesome would be an understatement.

City Pals is very lucky to have you in their team, absent your professional touch Mexico City would have just been another obsolete detour in my travels.

In seeking for someone to show me the ropes in Mexico City I ended up making a very good friend.

The uniqueness of CityPals

CityPals - Local Personal Travel Guide service solutions
Your personal CityPals Guide literally becomes your friend

Let’s face it, every city has an itinerary of popular attractions and things to do but reading a guide book seems like a very mundane way to understand the history behind them.

In this sense, we all know that a designated tour guide is the obvious solution but again, you may not want to join an organized tour either or to travel with a horde of tourists.

This is why the concept behind CityPals is so appealing for so many travelers. Modern travelers prefer to do something genuinely different.

How Being a CityPal Guide Benefits Locals around the world

CityPals guided tours
CityPal Marion offers Private Local Tours in Nairobi, Kenya. One of the many cities serviced by CityPals

It works both ways too. CityPals is always looking for quality locals in every city. The locals must be willing to meet new people and show them around.

You get all the fun of having a guest visiting without having to provide them a place to stay. They pay you for your tour time and you get to show them what makes your city so amazing. Because every city has so much to offer, every CityPal has a different way of viewing their home city. That in turn, provides a unique experience for each visitor.

How locals benefit from hosting travelers in their cities

A traveler named Valorie from Los Angeles sent a message to Sara. Sara is a Tokyo based CityPal. She told her she wanted to explore the LGBT scene with her partner on their last day in town.

CityPals millennial travel app
Sara, a CityPal (middle), and Valorie, a Traveler (left), exploring Tokyo’s Nightlife with friends

It was their anniversary that night and also happened to be Sara’s birthday. Sara told Valorie that she can’t host a tour on that day. However, she would be happy to invite the couple to her birthday dinner and night out with friends.

Valorie immediately accepted Sara’s offer and the two spent an unforgettable night bar hopping with friends throughout Tokyo!

So, how do you like the CityPals idea for your next trip?

Comments? You can contact us here.

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