Chilean Air Force C-130 Hercules plane crashes en route to Antarctica

Chilean Military Officials have confirmed that a Chilean Air Force C-130 Hercules en route to Antarctica has crashed. The plane carried 38 people on board. The crash happened in the afternoon on Monday.

The screenshot above, issued by the Chilean Air Force, shows the last position of the C-130 Hercules (yellow) at 6:13 pm when radio contact was lost. The C-130 Antarctica situation was quickly presumed to be a crash by the Chilean government.

As the news unfolded. Video: CGTN/YouTube.

The Chilean C-130 plane’s flight path

The plane took off from the Chilean capital of Santiago. Then it made a brief stopover at Chabunco Air Force Base in the Chilean city of Punta Arenas. It was on a mission to Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva Antarctic Air Base when it disappeared, according to a statement from Chile’s Air Force. Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva Antarctic Air Base is located on the Antarctic island of King George Island.

The plane took off at 4:55 pm local time. Radio contact was lost at 6:13 pm.

The C130’s mission was to transport floating fuel supply pipeline personnel to Antarctica.

Search and rescue efforts

With the plane’s fate at first unknown, Chilean officials said later that the plane had crashed.

The Hercules had 38 people on board. 17 of the occupants were crew members. 21 were pipeline personnel passengers.

Chile’s President Sebastian Piñera said authorities were involved in organizing the search and rescue team. The team was being sent out to the area where officials last had contact with the plane.

Chilean authorities said the next of kin of those involved had been informed.

What is the actual fate of the Chilean C-130 Antarctica (presumed crashed) plane?

The C-130 has been presumed to have crashed, although the plane has not been located yet. Chilean authorities made the presumption after seven hours had passed since the last radio transmission with the pilots.

Presuming a plane has crashed without knowing what happened to the airplane sounds like a hasty assumption.

However, we are only basing our report on official information from the Chilean officials. We will update this story at a later time.

The C-130 Hercules airplane

chilean air force c-130 antarctica crash, USAF C-130
Here is a C-130 Hercules belonging to the United States Air Force (USAF). Photo: USAF.

The Lockheed Hercules has been a reliable four-engine turboprop workhorse of an airplane around the world since 1956 when it first entered service with the U.S. military.

Featured Image: Chile Air Force.

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