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Captain Jetson’s contributing aviation and travel writers have put in an immense amount of work to provide you with quality content in 2018-2019.

Which type of travel writers do you like to follow? Who gives you their best insights and travel-topic varieties with news and tips about the type of travel of most interest to you?

Captain Jetson’s writers

Captain Jetson’s featured international contributions of Aviation and Travel Writers deserve some recognition!

Thanks to these writers I have been able to give you good travel tips not just within my own expertise of aviation air travel topics, but also great tips on travel in general.

That is whether you travel by air, car, boat, train, or even on foot for that matter.

We are honored to present the excellent Aviation and Travel Writers who have been actively providing several new articles for you and contributed additional volunteer-work at Captain Jetson within the past year.

In celebration of the first anniversary of Captain Jetson since our first publishing in May of 2018, here are our active contributors of aviation and travel.

They share their expertise with you, to allow you to become a smarter traveler with deep knowledge on how to best travel the world.

The writers are presented here in alphabetical order of their first and last name. If you wish to contact any of our writers please send your message Attn: (writer’s name) HERE.

Alex Martinez Rivera

Aviation Writer

Captain Jetson aviation travel writer Alex Martinez Rivera
Alex Martinez Rivera

Alex is an extremely brilliant aviation professional. He has a lot to offer in terms of contributions to the aviation industry of the future. We feel so honored and privileged to have the highly educated Alex on board Captain Jetson’s aviation expert staff. He is a product of the world-renowned Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where his GPA is 4.0. (Bachelors of Science, Aerospace). This is how Alex describes himself:

Aviation is my absolute passion, with more than a dozen countries visited during my short lifetime. From Alaska to Hawaii, to Italy to the UAE, to Singapore and Thailand. Ask me anything about airlines and aviation in general 8/10 chances are I would be able to answer your question.

You can find me at the intersection of Government, and Business. Always active on Twitter talking about Puerto Rico Politics as I was born there but also about other topics.

When I’m not writing, you can find me traveling the world and reading books to understand better cultures as I am fascinated by it. If you have the time on twitter look me up and ask me about the stock market, which is my third unfulfilled passion.”

Bud Kraus

Travel Writer

Bud Kraus
Bud Kraus

Bud Kraus has been a prominent Word Press and web design teacher and an author for more than 20 years. He can be found at JoyOfWP.com. He is also Captain Les’ friend as well as WordPress teacher.

His WordPress classes are taught in New York City, while his online students are located all over the world.  Bud is the creator of the “WP A To Z Series”, a free WordPress training service. He works with small businesses and their websites.

Christine Mungai

Aviation & Travel Writer

Captain Jetson aviation travel writer Christine Mungai
Christine Mungai

Christine is a popular professional full-time aviation and travel writer based in Kenya. This brilliant author is a regular contributor to Captain Jetson. We asked this down to earth goldmine in the world of authors to describe herself as a writer:

“Combine passion and professionalism and you have Christine Mungai. When she isn’t writing, you can find her at playgroups with her toddler dishing out the latest parent fail. Ask her about football; it’s her secret talent!”

Don Jibaro

Puerto Rican Culture and Travel Writer

don jibaro
Don Jibaro of Jibaros.com

Don Jibaro is not only my one and only true lifelong friend for the past 25 years. He is also my content-advisor for Captain Jetson, always offering helpful tips for how to make the site better for you, the reader, continuously. Don Jibaro is also whom I call the world’s “unofficial Ambassador of our beloved Puerto Rico“. He writes about Puerto Rican culture on his popular website jibaros.com. He’s a well-known internet figure among countless Puerto Ricans all over the world. One of his sayings, “A Puerto Rican shall not be boring” is a true reflection of his fun personality, as well as his website. Loved by countless visitors worldwide, his website has been online since the early 1990’s pioneering days of the internet. He’s a writer, webmaster, musician, father, and a teacher. 

Drew Farmer

Travel Writer

Drew Farmer
Drew Farmer

Frequently contributing to Captain Jetson, Drew is an accomplished professional journalist based out of the United Kingdom.

His impressive resume includes more than a decade of experience in writing about sports, adventure, and travel.

He has also published a book on soccer.

Essam Sohail

Aviation Writer

essam Sohail, expert aviation writer
Essam Sohail

Essam is a specialist in aviation-content particularly suited for aviation professionals, which constitutes a large segment of our readers.

He has joined Captain Jetson’s contributing aviation expert writer-team from Pakistan. Essam has a Bachelors Degree in Aviation Management from the University of Management and Technology (UMT). His is also an alumnus of the University of Cambridge, as well as Punjab College.

He is a Certified Aircraft Weight and Balance Loader. Essam is also Certified on the Flight Simulator Cessna 172. He has gained valuable airport experience by working at different airports.

Essam describes himself in these words:

“I am hardworking and passionate about the aviation industry and looking for opportunities. Currently, I am doing my Essam SohailFlight Operating Officer course. If you are interested and want to ask me anything about aviation please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Loreta “Peachy”

Aviation & Travel Writer

Lauretta "Peachy" with the Lamborghini
Loreta “Peachy”

Loreta is a Captain Jetson writer, based in Los Angeles. The California native has been involved in the airline travel industry for more than 30 years. As a highly experienced world traveler for most of her life, she is contributing to articles within the areas of travel where she is truly an expert, benefiting our readers.

Nava Teja

Aviation Writer

Aviation expert writer Nava Teja, Captain Jetson
Nava Teja

Nava is a Business/Research Analyst, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology, Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering. Technology/Technician/Distinction. He graduated in 2014.

Loving science and technology he was an A-student in math, physics, and chemistry.

Susan Stephens

Travel Writer

Susan Stephens

Susan is an accomplished full-time professional travel writer based in Portland, Oregon, regularly contributing to Captain Jetson. She also has her own travel blog. Her blog focuses on Pacific Northwest travel but also is a place showcasing all of her travels. It is a great place to start when planning your next vacation to her area of the world.

How to contact our writers

Send your message HERE, and we’ll make sure the writer gets your inquiry!

Air Tahiti Nui, review of the Tahiti airline
Credit: Air Tahiti Nui.

Making aviation and travel jargon easy to understand for the traveling public

Captain Jetson is unique in that I do my best to make our aviation articles easy to read for you, from the aviation knowledge-level of the casual air traveler, all the way up to the top-notch aviation professional of the world, interested in the latest news, trends, and tips from the flying world.

Captain Jetson Aviation and Travel Writer Captain Les
Pausing for a picture during walk-around (preflight inspection) of the Boeing 767, ensuring safety of flight.

Previously I was the only writer on Captain Jetson with solid aviation expertise. By that, I have been able to provide you with information about everything within aviation.

Explaining all that flying-stuff of interest to the entire flying public, without using professional jargon, is a necessity to make everybody understand what we are talking about.

That whether it be news and travel tips about airlines, air travel, useful passenger tips, airfare, tickets, and answering your many “ask-your-pilot” questions.

Military fighter jet sonic boom
Breaking the sound barrier. Credit: USAF.
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