Captain Jetson Airline & Travel News Journalist Recognition Awards 2020

The 2020 Captain Jetson Airline and Travel News Journalist Awards go to our Top 10 Professionals whose articles consistently caught our eyes delivering riveting content in 2019.

The Awards

The awards are presented in alphabetical order of the journalist’s first name or by the first letter of the journalists’ chosen pseudonym.

You can click the link to each journalist below to read more about each and every one of them.

Captain Jetson Journalist Awards 2020:

Alex Martinez Rivera

Alex Fitzhugh

Captain Jimmy


Jasmine Parker

Julia Ross

Leandi Schoonraad

Loreta Ortiz

Mary Charlebois

Melanie Reffes

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Criteria for the Journalism Awards

  • Our Editor ruled each article”top quality content”.
  • The journalist published at least two articles for Captain Jetson in 2019.
  • We received consistent great feedback from our readers about the journalist’s content and work.
  • Google selected at least one of the journalist’s articles for inclusion in Google Top News.
  • All the journalist’s articles reached at least one of the first two pages in search engines under its topic, with a minimum of one article reaching the first page in search engines.
  • Article referrals from our Pinterest social media page pins resulted in at least 3,000 readings per awarded journalist’s article.
Maupiti, Tahiti. Photo: Captain Les,
A Day In The Life Of A Journalist. YouTube.

About the Captain Jetson Airline and Travel publication

Captain Jetson Airline and Travel News is a publication with in-house contributing news-reporters possessing a mix of decades of a professional airline, flying, aviation, travel, and journalism expertise.

The online news publication primarily reports on aviation-news, with non-aviation travel-topics being a secondary niche. It is also one of very few online news-sites ran by an airline pilot. Captain Les “Jetson” has logged over 28,000 hours of flying hours as a pilot (since 1978), and he has traveled the world many times over.

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Who writes for Captain Jetson Airline and Travel News?

The publication has a team of in-house journalists who were selected based on background and qualifications.

Is Captain Jetson a blog?

No, Captain Jetson Airline and Travel News is not a blog (web log). Captain Jetson is a news-publication. The publication is an authority source for news and information about airlines, aviation, flying and travel in general, with featured articles.

How can I write for Captain Jetson Airline and Travel news?

The publication has certain requirements for becoming a journalist for its team. Current policies and requirements are described here.

What is considered quality content on Captain Jetson?

Articles that are easy to read and keeps the reader riveted, wanting to read and learn what the entire article says, is considered quality content at The article must also be of a minimum length to meet Captain Jetson’s publishing criteria.

Published by

Capt. Les

Captain Les Jetson is a professional Airline/Aviation Authority, Aviation Career Consultant, and an Aviation and Travel Journalist. Les has been a full-time airline pilot for a major U.S. airline since 1987. Being among the most experienced airline pilots in the world he is also the Publisher and Founder of the renowned Captain Jetson Airline & Travel News Publication, an online airline and travel news source (