Black Friday, Cyber Monday, & Travel Deal Tuesday Cheap Flight Tickets

Understanding After Thanksgiving Flight Ticket Deals

Every year the days after Thanksgiving Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Travel Deal Tuesday (also called Cyber Tuesday) bring on a frenzy of bargain hunters for cheap flight tickets.

Some people confuse Thanksgiving Flight Deals with Black Friday Flight Deals. However, those are two separate things:

Thanksgiving Flight Deals are flights people look for prior to Thanksgiving, to get the cheapest flight possible to fly someplace for Thanksgiving.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Travel Deal Tuesday Deals are specified days when you can purchase plane tickets for certain flights at a reduced price. The purpose of the sales is to entice you to purchase tickets at the reduced cost for future, after Thanksgiving air travel.

Next, we will explain how the Black Friday-Cyber Monday-Travel Deal Tuesday, or Cyber Tuesday cheap ticket deals work and why the sales take place every year.

Why the sharp increase in flight deals during these days?

By the time Black Friday arrives people have already purchased their tickets for Thanksgiving. Travelers are often still located at their Thanksgiving destinations.

After Thanksgiving airlines experience a downturn in ticket sales. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Travel Deal Tuesday are sales-enticement days. Those days are used to stir up sales or create new demand for air travel after Thanksgiving is over.

So, the bargain purchase prices are there to entice you to purchase winter flights after Thanksgiving, outside of the Christmas and New Year holidays. The flight deals often extend well into the new year. However, the deals most often only apply to certain flights.

Be on the lookout when the Black Friday cheap ticket sales start and end

Airlines and flight search engines announce upcoming after Thanksgiving ticket sales at different times. Different operators may also have different days when the sales are in effect.

We have seen one operator conducting a Black Friday sale only on that Friday, while another operator decided to have their Black Friday sales last for a whole week!

Thanksgiving, Black Friday cheap tickets, turkey
Thanksgiving is the time for Black Friday cheap flight deals and turkey feasting. Photo: Unsplash.

Sample Black Friday heads-up announcements

Whether you do your search going to airline websites directly, using a flight search engine, or perhaps a combination of those, be on the lookout for announcements ahead of Thanksgiving.

If you belong to an airline’s or search engine’s mailing list you may also receive mail alerts about the upcoming sales.

Delta Air Lines Black Friday

DELTA BLACK FRIDAY DEALS    After Thanksgiving Dinner, explore the world — or at least be ready to. With Delta, you’ll find some of the best Black Friday flight discounts of the season. Save on Delta flights to Asia, Europe, South America, the Caribbean and more. With 318 destinations to choose from, you’ll find more ways to save on Black Friday flights

Expedia Black Friday

Expedia is known to offer huge savings on hotels, flights, car rentals and more. When you book your trip during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you could come away with even more cash in your pocket. Travel dates may vary depending on the destination. Sale ends 30 September 2019. This year’s Black Friday deals will be added live throughout the day between November 29th and December 2nd, 2019.

Travel industry booking site heads-up announcement

United, Delta, American, Aeromexico, Cathay Pacific,  and other major airlines will be announcing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals later on this month. Stay tuned for the top travel sales of the year. Southwest traditional offers domestic and international deals on flights for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales weekend. We’re expecting more great deals from Southwest for 2019!

Video about Black Friday Flight Deals: Insights and tips.

Although his video shows YouTuber Jason’s searches for the top five Black Friday flight deals for 2018, it pretty well illustrates what you can expect during your search any time you scour the airline websites for deals.

Video: YouTube.

Which of the three days, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Travel Deal Tuesday has the best deal on cheap flight tickets?

You should keep in mind that these three days all have different names for the same thing: The names have been created to create renewed excitement and to give you the impression that each day has different deals.

But, do travel deals really vary during those days?

From years of investigating varieties in the offerings during the three sales days, I have found that the deals announced on Black Friday stay the same during Cyber Monday and Travel Deal Tuesday, as well.

However, you can occasionally find a slight adjustment of the deals during the three days, if an airline or flight search engine is experimenting with dynamic pricing during the days.

Therefore, I’d say that once you find a deal you’re happy with on any of the three days, then go ahead and purchase that ticket.

Thanksgiving travel

We can all identify with the crowds and stress of Thanksgiving travel. Flying at quieter times outside of holidays at a possibly cheap price found during Black Friday sales is appealing to many.

We are relaxed, we are enjoying family or friends, we had our Thanksgiving dinner, and we get into a happy bargain hunting mood dreaming of our next getaway in front of our computer screens.

Thanksgiving travel mess. Video: ABCNews/YouTube.

Hotel room and Glamping sales too!

Cheap flight tickets aren’t the only deals to be found during the Thanksgiving sales frenzy. Hotels and Glamping operators are offering cheap deals too. Perhaps the best deal on the glamping scene for 2019 is the Black Friday sale that Glamping Hub offers.

By the way, do you remember the very popular article we published about Glamping Hub’s Boeing 727 hotel in Costa Rica? Well, now you can check out Glamping Hub’s Black Friday offer for 2019. They are offering an additional 20% to the amount you purchase a Glamping Hub gift card for during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer. The offer is live on their website from November 28 to December 4, 2019.

What do you think about the Black Friday hype?

Good, bad, or largely a hype sometimes full of added ticket restrictions? We’d like to hear about your experience. Did you find deals? Send us your comments here for possible inclusion to a future update.

Featured Image: Thanksgiving flight to the Caribbean. Captain Peter, for CaptainJetson.com.

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