Best US Airlines – ACSI Customer Satisfaction Ratings 2019

See who the best U.S. airlines are in how they rank in customer satisfaction. These ratings are based on feedback from airline passengers.

There is good news for U.S. airlines. Satisfaction among airline customers is actually on the rise, according to a survey by the prestigious American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) for 2018-2019.

The ACSI issued their travel report for 2019 on Tuesday. Customer satisfaction indexes are scored as a point system, from the lowest possible at zero, to the highest at one hundred.

ACSI statement

David VanAmburg is the managing director at the ACSI. He said the following:

“Airlines sat at a near-record low of 62 just a dozen years ago. Now, they’re among some of the most improved industries over that time”.

Best U.S. airlines of 2019

The average score of all the airlines was 74, which is up by 1.4 percent from last year.

Alaska Airlines came out the winner with score of 80. Jet Blue and Southwest came out at a shared second place with a score of 79.

Worth noting is that Southwest was number one last year, which means they fell in this year’s ratings.

Next in the customer satisfaction ratings was Delta at 75, increasing their score by one point since last year. American came in at 73. United got 70.

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What is ASCI?

The American Customer Satisfaction Index is a U.S. national indicator. Their score system from 0 to 100 is based on customer feedback from more than 300,000 customer surveys a year.

More than 400 companies from different industries, such as airlines and hotels, are involved in these customer satisfaction surveys.

Areas of airline customer qualities scored by the ASCI

Airline scores are based on different areas of the customer’s flying experience with airlines.

The different areas of customer satisfaction scores include:

  • Boarding experience.
  • Baggage handling.
  • Mobile apps.
  • Seat comfort.
  • Cleanliness.

Here are the best U.S. airlines for 2019

(2018 airline scores indicated too, for year-by-year comparison)

Alaska Airlines – 2019: 80 / 2018: 79

Southwest Airlines – 2019: 79 / 2018: 80 (tie with Jet Blue)

Jet Blue Airways – 2019: 79 / 2018: 79 (tie with Southwest)

Delta Air Lines – 2019: 75 / 2018: 74

American Airlines – 2019: 73 / 2018: 74

Allegiant Air – 2019: 71 / 2018: 74 (tie with all other airlines researched)

All other airlines researched – 2019: 71 / 2018: 73 (tie with Allegiant)

United Airlines: 2019: 70 / 2018: 67

Frontier Airlines: 2019: 64 / 2018: 62

Spirit Airlines: 2019: 63 / 2018: 62

So, there you have the verdict, based on the surveys that the American Customer Satisfaction Index collected. Do you agree with their ratings? Please leave your comments below.

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