Bek Air plane crashes in Kazakhstan after takeoff – UPDATE

Bek Air flight Z9 2100 crashed shortly after takeoff from Almaty Airport (ALA) in the country of Kazakhstan, on December 26, 2019. The passenger jet, a Fokker-100, had 98 people on board, carrying 93 passengers and five crewmembers.

The official death count from the crash has now been adjusted down to 12 from the original count of 14, according to Kazakhstan officials.

The plane lost altitude and crashed immediately after takeoff. Almaty is Kazakhstan’s largest city. The Bek Air Fokker-100’s registration number was UP-F1007. The flight was destined to Nur-Sultan (TSE), the country’s capital.

Passenger account of the Bek Air Kazakhstan plane crash

According to Tengri News, one of the survivors was Maral Erman. She said the airplane was shaking during the takeoff. Her initial impression of the crash was that it felt as if the plane had landed, but then they “hit something”. She continued,

“There wasn’t much chaos on board. There were no screaming”.

Next, Miss Erman said the crew opened the exit doors for passengers to get out of the airplane.

Later she discovered that her plane had “split in half”.

Kazakhstan Civil Aviation Committee

A statement from Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Committee said the plane “lost height” at 7:22 am and then crashed into a concrete fence and then a two-story building. The authorities confirmed that at least seven people were dead. Emergency services were working at the crash site to rescue survivors.

Pieces of the plane were scattered across the area around the building. Video footage showed nearby houses damaged. No fire occurred after the crash.

FlightRadar24’s tracking of the Bek Air flight

This screenshot from FlightRadar24 / Twitter shows the path of the doomed plane.

Video report of the Bek Air Almaty, Kazakhstan crash

Source: Twitter/@aviationgeeks1

The Fokker-100

The Fokker-100 is a medium-sized two-engine jet. The Dutch company declared bankruptcy in 1996. The Fokker-100 had a low operational cost and initially had little competition in the 100-seat short-range regional jet class. That contributed to strong sales upon the introduction of the airplane in the late 1980s.

Bek Air

Bek Air is an airline in the country of Kazakhstan. The airline began operating in 1999. Bek Air markets itself as Kazakhstan’s first budget airline. Prior to the accident, the company operated seven Fokker-100 airplanes.

The airline suspended all its flights immediately after the accident. However, Almaty Airport said it was operating normally. The airport’s flight schedule remained unaffected.

Cause of the accident

There is no word on the cause of the accident, which is something the government officials have to spend months investigating first.

A special commission is going to be set up to find out the cause of the accident.

A Fokker-100, the airplane type flown by Bek Air. Picture: Alliance Air/Wikipedia.

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Featured Image: Kazakhstan News

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