Aviation Relief Package: ALPA pilots urging airline worker protection priority

The ALPA (Airline Pilots Association) is calling for an urgent call-to-action for an aviation relief package from the U.S. government.

The call for action was sent out to ALPA’s 63,000 pilots. Pilots are urged to contact their Senators to save U.S. airline jobs.

ALPA’s Aviation Relief Package call for action

The message says,

“The threat to the future of our airline and our careers has never been greater. ALPA has been working with the airlines and aviation labor groups to fully educate the Administration and Congressional leadership on the urgent need to provide financial assistance to the airline industry. As an economic package is being drafted, we are focusing attention on the need to protect front-line aviation workers as a top priority.”

The message goes onto saying that the Senators and Representatives need to hear directly from their constituent airline pilots and why the Senators need to support responsible airline relief.

Aviation Relief Package airline pilot request letter to U.S. Senators

ALPA is suggesting that pilots formulate the letter to Senators by emphasizing the following important facts:

Aviation Relief Package overview

  • ALPA pilots are asking for an urgent aviation economic relief package that prioritizes protections for airline workers.
  • Members of the Airline Pilots Association recognize the devastating and long-term impacts that COVID-19 is having on our economy. Stabilizing the U.S. airline industry is critical.
  • Protecting the hard-working Americans who make the airline industry possible is a must.
  • The U.S. economy depends on air transportation to facilitate trade and ensure the movement of people and cargo throughout the world. The failure of the airline industry would have a sweeping and detrimental impact on the American workforce and wide-ranging effects on the economy.
aviation relief package alpa
ALPA is the world’s largest airline pilot union. Source: ALPA.

An appeal to uphold the Collective Bargaining Agreements (Union Contracts)

ALPA pilots believe:

Any relief or stimulus package must include responsible guardrails as to how the funding and credit instruments operate.

It is important to ensure that front line workers share in the financial stabilization of the industry and that airline workers’ collective bargaining agreements will not be undermined.

Only pilots and airline workers can keep America flying

The suggested letter to Senators concludes with:

Please ensure that any airline industry relief package puts workers first. The package should include strong labor protections and keeps pilots and airline workers in a position to keep America flying

You can send your comments or questions here.

Featured Image: Unsplash.

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