Aviation Action, an Aviation Worker Assistance Resource

A free resource for laid off aviation/airline employees

A UK-based aviation worker resource charity, Aviation Action, has been set up as of the beginning of June 2020. The purpose of the organization is specifically to provide peer support, advice, and signposting to other organizations involved with aviation. Aviation Action aims to offer help to any airline, airport, or aviation workers caught in the slipstream by what is globally happening to aviation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Careers in aviation looked very promising prior to the pandemic. After mass layoffs within the industry, an aviation career may no longer appear promising. However, the pandemic will pass and aviation will recover. Therefore, hang in there, and the demand will return! Video: YouTube.

Aviation Action, a one-of-a-kind aviation worker assistance resource

The organization was launched by Chris Wild (Head of Airfield Operations at Manchester Airport) and a team of amazing industry colleagues. It was founded in May 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

At a time when the industry needed significant support, support was missing for aviation colleagues. Aviation Action was set up to support the people involved in aviation; from the flight deck to firefighters and caterers to cabin crew.

Chris Wild said,

“At a time when the industry needs significant support, I felt there was a lack of specific support available for the hundreds of thousands of people who work in aviation. I set up the charity to help people who specifically work in aviation when they most needed it,”

Briefing sessions are also being set up to cover topics to help and support and put those in need in touch with likeminded aviation professionals.

Contributions of Simon J Marton, Aviation Writer and former Flight Attendant

Simon J Marton has provided a piece on dealing practically with unemployment. Marton is also a recent member of Captain Jetson’s contributing aviation writers. Other professionals have added their take on dealing with trauma, stress, and anxiety.

Other published articles are on Working from home, Wellbeing, Our new world, Redundancy, CV writing, and Family & relationships (pending at the time of writing).

Peer support members are chosen for the specialism they might be able to provide. For example, state-benefits knowledge, mental health, recruitment, family support, or planning.

Marton states:

“It is great to be part of something bigger, a network that can only grow and reach out to all sorts of workers who have suddenly found themselves without their livelihoods, in bewilderment or in desperation. This was so sudden and brutal a shock for so many, that a charity like this provides supporters who can truly empathize and add some realistic advice for the immediate future. If aviation is unlikely to fully recover for at least a couple of years, then there are other avenues out there worth considering. Aviation gives you that magic phrase: Transferrable skills.”

Global expansion

Although based out of the UK and still gathering speed, Aviation Action is spreading its wings to expand globally. For more information, you can find the Aviation Action worker’s organization’s official website here.  

It is wonderful to observe how fellow aviation professionals step in to contribute with solutions for those affected by layoffs, furloughs, or pay cuts. The Aviation Action worker resource is standing by to hear from you if you need help. If you have any questions or comments for Simon Marton, please send it here.

Simon Marton is the author of “Journey of a Reluctant Air Steward: Unique insights into the airline industry: For men who want to fly.” His book is available here. A review of his book can be found here.

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