Arlanda Airport Robbery: One Million Euro in cash stolen from a courier

More than a million Euro (1.1 million USD) in cash has been stolen from a courier during an airport heist. The Arlanda International Airport (ARL) robbery in Stockholm, Sweden happened outside of Terminal 5.

arlanda airport (ARL) robbery Terminal 5
Arlanda Terminal 5. Photo: Lasse Persson, for

How the Arlanda Airport robbery unfolded

Norwegian paper VG reported that the courier was carrying over one million Euro (about 1.1 million in U.S. Dollars) on an assignment for the investment company that he works for.

The robbery took place as he stepped out of a taxi upon arrival at Terminal 5. Three robbers roughed up the courier, grabbed the briefcase with the money and then fled the scene.

Witnesses said the robbers were seen leaving in a silver-colored car.

Police comments

Law enforcement stated that it was not immediately known if the robbery had been recorded on any of the surveillance cams in the affected area. Police also theorized that the robbers must have known about the courier’s schedule and whereabouts.

Law enforcement is now putting resources into finding the robbers.

arlanda airport robbery, outside terminal
Arlanda Airport Terminal. photo: Lasse Person, for

The practice of couriers carrying cash on flights

It is not unusual for couriers to carry large amounts of cash on passenger airplanes. Couriers blend in with other flyers to the best of their ability. However, something went wrong at the Arlanda Airport courier robbery.

Arlanda Airport, Stockholm, Sweden, Facts & History

Arlanda International Airport, Stockholm. Video: YouTube.
  • Arlanda Airport (ARL) is the largest airport in the country, located north of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It’s a busy airport for many airlines, including Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian Air.
  • The airport has 17,000 employees at work.
  • Arlanda handles 26 million passengers a year, performing 230,000 takeoffs and landings. Max airport capacity is 80 takeoffs and landings per hour.
  • The airport has a total of three runways. because of anticipated airport growth, a fourth runway will be needed by 2040.
  • Arlanda Airport was first constructed in 1952, at which time then name if the airport was “Halmsjöbanan”. In 1958 the name of the airport became “Arlanda”
  • Swedish King Gustaf VI Adolf officiated Arlanda on April 1, 1962.
  • The International Terminal was added in 1976.
Arlanda International Terminal
Arlanda (ARL) International terminal. Photo: Wikimedia.

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Did you know that couriers have always carried large sums of cash on flights? How do you think this robbery was able to take place? You can leave your comments here for possible inclusion if we update this article in the future.

Featured Image: Wikimedia.

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