American Airlines Flight Attendant Appreciation Day

The purpose of the American Airlines Flight Attendant Appreciation Day is to celebrate American’s hard working 28,261 flight attendants employed with the carrier.

The special occasion is being celebrated today.

The day acknowledges American’s flight attendants for their solid commitment in customer care, contributing to safe, efficient, and successful operation.

american flight attendant appreciation
Credit: American Airlines

American Airlines Flight Attendant applications

Similar to the application pool at other major airlines, American receives an excess of 130,000 flight attendant applications every year.

Out of every 125 candidates only two are selected for training.

In comparison, the flight attendant selection process is more selective than 8 Ivy League schools in the U.S.!

Americana Airlines’ flight attendants are spread around 17 bases around the world.

American’s Flight Attendant training

American Flight Attendant Appreciation day
Source: The Daily Pennsylvanian

The training is very comprehensive and competitive. Realizing the type of training a flight attendant has to go through it makes you realize how narrow-minded some passengers’ minds are.

A flight attendant’s commitment to the comfort of onboard passengers barely scratches the surface of the flight attendants’ complex training requirements.

14 percent of American’s flight attendants speak more than one language.

The training-curriculum is very complex and long. A couple of slip-ups, perhaps not passing a couple of written tests… and you’re out!

Just imagine being responsible for successfully clearing an entire airplane of passengers in 90 seconds or less. Now, picture an airplane with more than 200 passengers on board.

Jill Surdek, American’s V.P. of Flight Service

“Our flight attendants are the best in the business. Whether they are new to the company or they have been here for the average length of service of 21 years, our flight attendants are always willing and able to assist beyond their usual duties.

I’m proud to say that our teams are made of dedicated and passionate professionals who truly care for our customers on life’s journey.”

The celebration of Americans’ Flight Attendant Appreciation Day

american flight attendant appreciation
Credit: American Airlines

American Airlines is placing meals in crew rooms throughout their bases. Other special gifts, events, and prizes are also planned for the day.

American Airlines world headquarters

American Airlines’ world headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Featured image credit: American Airlines

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