ALPA launches “Welcome Back, Welcome Aboard” awareness campaign

Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), the world’s largest pilot union, has launched a public awareness campaign called “Welcome Back, Welcome Aboard”. The purpose of the campaign is to contribute to getting passengers to fly again by rebuilding consumer confidence in air transportation.

President Captain Joe DePete presented the announcement in an email to its pilot union-members today.

ALPA President Capt. Joe DePete: Our Mission is to Keep You Safe. Video: YouTube/ALPA.

How ALPA’s “Welcome Back, Welcome Aboard” strengthens the recovery

The campaign makes it clear to the flying public that ALPA’s airline pilots are on the job, ready to fly, and looking forward to greeting passengers as they come back aboard the airlines.

ALPA believes the initiative should help increase bookings, forestall additional job status changes for pilots, and strengthen and speed the airline industry’s economic recovery.

DePete pointed out that in spite of the pandemic, pilots never stopped flying. Pilots have been doing the heavy lifting to fight the pandemic by transporting health-care personnel and supplies while using their voice to ensure that the airlines were doing the right thing.

Thanks to the contribution of pilots, airline bookings are already up, and planes are being brought out of the desert and put back into service. Although there is a long way to go the industry is making progress.

The New Normal

The ALPA President feels that the union’s campaign will reinforce that airline pilots exercise pilot-in-command authority every time they fly, keeping flight safety the number one priority.

He points out how “the new normal” may look a little different from the past. The captain is always in full charge of his or her “ship”. A pilot is always required to be methodical in his or her thinking to safety, now incorporating coronavirus safety procedures into the flow of things as well.

DePete said,

“We evaluate a tremendous number of factors when we make the decision that it’s safe to take off. The list of things to consider may now be longer, and the new “normal” may look a little different, but the fundamental principle has not changed: it’s safe to fly when the pilot says it is.”

Captain DePete concludes his letter by emphasizing “the new normal” to be expected by passengers. This new normal ensures a continuation of the impeccable safety procedures employed by all pilots, benefitting passengers, crew, and the industry alike.

What do you think about ALPA’s Welcome Back Welcome Aboard public awareness campaign and the new normal? You can contact us here.

Featured Image: ALPA.

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