Allegiant Teasing Flights to Mexico Again

Allegiant has suggested an expansion towards international markets since 2014. However, the airline since then has kept it off saying that their timing isn’t right. Allegiant Airlines is eyeing flights to Mexico again.

As of 72-hours ago the airline filed with the U.S. Department of Transportation to fly between the United States and Mexico. Before it launches any flights, it needs permission from the U.S. and Mexican governments before having a maiden flight outside of United States airspace.

Allegiant from the standpoint of the Ultra-Low-Cost Carrier (or ULCC) segment is the last of the three carriers (the other two being Frontier and Spirit) to fly to Mexico. Frontier and Spirit both fly to Cancun and Cabo San Lucas either as a seasonal or regular service. Frontier additionally flies to Puerto Vallarta.

Why is Allegiant thinking of expanding internationally?

Allegiant in the segment of ULCC’s or the Ultra-Low-Cost Carrier it has been a profitable company. The mid-sized cities in the United States can only take the airline so far, and it has done a great job serving underserved routes. The competition has taken notice especially Spirit which they notice there is money to be made in underserved markets.

The airline is merely running out of domestic air routes, which gives the airline the chance to get exposure outside the United States, grab some of that market share it has been missing, and serve customers with more options if given the opportunity.

Where could the airline’s first route in Mexico be?

While the company hasn’t disclosed where the potential routes might be, with all certainty it will be to Cancun, as the company doesn’t need much advertising. The Airbus 319 & 320 fills quickly, and they could follow up with Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta in quick succession.

Where would the flights originate?

They could start in Orlando-Sanford, Las Vegas for starters and follow with Ft. Lauderdale, Phoenix, St. Petersburg/Clearwater in quick succession.

Let me clarify, these are potential pairings, and this is speculation on my part.

Hopefully, this isn’t like in 2013 when the airline made a similar filing, but the airline never did follow on the promise to fly from Las Vegas to Hermosillo and Los Cabos.

Only time will tell.

What do you think? Is it a good idea for Allegiant Airlines to conduct flights to Mexico again? You can leave your comment here.

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