Airline News Now, October 28

Here is a summary of the first edition Airline News Now for October 28, 2019. This will be a periodic Captain Jetson airline news brief.

FAA shuts down 737 MAX Lion Air AOA Sensor Supplier Xtra Aerospace

AOA vane, airline news now, october 28 2019
An Angle Of Attack (AOA) vane. Photo:

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is acting on the pieces of the puzzle that brought down the Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX.

Xtra Aerospace of Miramar, Florida was the company that supplied a faulty secondhand AOA sensor to Lion Air which triggered the deadly 737 crash. The replacement sensor had been mis-calibrated. The sensor registered an angle of attack that was 21 degrees to high.

The FAA’s action means that Xtra is now out of business.

United Airlines introduces 3D viewing of your selected seat upon booking your flight

United 3D seating selection
Screenshot: Twitter.

The airline incorporated the 3D seat selection view on their booking site on Saturday. However, the feature only exists if you book a flight on their new 50-seat CRJ 550 airplane at this time.

The customer convenience booking feature is expected to be available on all flights in the future, although United has not yet stated so.

United adding larger overhead bins

United is on a roll, continuously revealing new and exciting passenger comfort features.

The airline on Friday said it will add larger overhead bins on most of its planes. That will mean improved boarding, increased passenger satisfaction, and help remove major stress out of travel.

The larger bins will accommodate one bag per passenger on its domestic flights. For example, that means an extra 65 bags can be fitted into the overhead bins of a 179-seat Boeing 737-900 airplane.

Alaska Airlines contributing Q3 profit to Hawaii routes and cost management practices

Video: Alaska Airlines

Alaska’s routes to Hawaii has been good for the airline. The airline’s aggressive cost management practices are also working well, according to Alaska’s Chief Financial Officer, Brandon Petersen.

Seattle, Washington based Alaska Air Group reported a net profit of $322 million USD during the 3rd quarter of 2019. The 3rd quarter net profit for 2018 was $217 million USD.

Norwegian Air in the news

Norwegian Air B787, Harvey Milk. Captain Jetson Airline News Now
B787. Photo: Norwegian air

Effective today, October 28, Norwegian is moving its Barcelona (BCN) flights from Oakland to San Francisco. Furthermore, on October 30th the Paris (CDG) service is being shifted to San Francisco as well.

Norwegian will fly both routes twice a week during the slower winter season. B787-900s will be used on the routes. The Barcelona departures are on Mondays and Fridays. Paris is being served on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Norwegian has already shifted its London Gatwick flights from Oakland to San Francisco.

The airline will begin a new transatlantic service in May of 2020 between Austin (AUS), Texas and Paris (CDG). That service will be operated three times a week with 787-900 aircraft.

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