Airline jobs should survive for a while with the latest coronavirus bill draft

Hundreds of thousands of airline jobs should survive if the recent draft of the coronavirus aid bill is approved. The bill calls for $32 billion in cash grants.

This would ensure the survival of airline jobs. Airline workers would still get paid amid the coronavirus crisis.

However, the coronavirus bill is only a short-term solution that would work IF the crisis doesn’t last past the summer.

The airline provisions of the coronavirus bill were a major point of discussion among lawmakers.

What’s in the Senate Bill?

The Senate bill draft shows the following grants:

  • 25 billion for passenger airlines.
  • 4 billion for cargo airlines.
  • 3 billion for airline contractors, as an exchange for maintaining workers.

Several conditions were placed on the aid. One condition stipulates a pause on share repurchase agreements and investor dividend payments.

Next step of the airline jobs portion of the corona bill

Moving ahead with $32 billion in cash aid draft for airlines clears the hurdle for a vote by the Senate.

However, as soon as the good news for the preservation of airline jobs came out the next hurdle popped up:

GOP senators have now warned they would oppose the draft unless “massive drafting error” was fixed.

Airlines are ready to mass-furlough airline workers

Failing a stimulus bill approval within the next few days, major airlines, such as United Airlines, have stated forced layoffs as high as 60% of its workforce, could take place.

Airline jobs in the hundreds of thousands are now in peril. However, it is doubtful the U.S. government would allow aviation to collapse. Aviation is an important infrastructure that no country in the world can be without.

Airline jobs are hinging on how long the coronavirus pandemic lasts. Not even the sharpest medical minds in the world have the answer to that.

Airline jobs and airline workers may have a long-lasting nightmare ahead, lasting years beyond the coronavirus bill or even the lifecycle of the coronavirus itself!

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