8 Best Instagram Pictures of Airplane Wrecks

Instagram airplane pictures come in abundance. Airplane pictures are always popular. However, there is something about the mysticism of airplane wrecks that catch our attention. Instagram’s pictures of airplane wrecks allow us to view many of these spectacular birds in their final resting position around the earth.

An airplane wreck does not necessarily refer to a plane that crashed, of course…

An airplane wreck can represent so many things: abandoned airplanes, retired airplanes, damaged airplanes, crashed airplanes, critical emergency landings, and even airplanes that people live in.

We have swept Instagram for the best pictures of airplane wrecks we could find.

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Hawker Siddeley HS 121 Trident, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Hawker Siddeley HS 121 Trident, Instagram airplanes

The Hawker Siddeley HS 121 Trident airplane was a British short- (and later medium-) range airliner.

This airplane once flew for British Airways. The plane clearly displays neglect and lack of respect after proudly serving the British world airline for so long. The tri-jet has collected a lot of green moss from the humid Irish climate over the years.

Boeing 737, Bukit Peninsula, Indonesia

abandoned B737 wreck, instagram pictures of airplane wrecks

With no lack of Boeing 737s parked on the ground during the grounding of the 737 Max, here is a permanently parked older type of a 737 model. This one is collecting dirt in Indonesia.

No one knows why the plane was brought there, and no one knows who the owner is. The locals don’t even know when it was brought to its final resting place. Gossip has it that someone was going to turn the bird into a restaurant. However, no one really knows the story of this old workhorse of an airplane.

Curtiss C-46 in Norman Cay, the Bahamas

C-46 Bahamas instagram pictures of airplane wrecks

This barely submerged plane found its azure-blue watery resting place in the tranquility of the Bahamas.

The Columbian Medellin Cartel used Norman Cay as a smuggling base back in the 1980s. The airstrip was an operations-link for illegal drug trafficing into the U.S. The plane went down during one of those attempts to transport the drugs, shortly after takeoff. Overloaded with cargo the plane went down. It was simply too heavy to fly.

Ilyushin Il76, Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Ilyushin Il76, Instagram best airplane pictures of wrecks

For some reason or another, the Soviet Union (Russia) decided to abandon this huge military jet around the year 1999.

This sturdy airplane is known for its great takeoff and landing capabilities in and out of rough terrain. Sadly, this mighty airplane somehow ended up on the desert floor of this desolate land of blowing sand.

DC-3, Solheimasandur, Iceland

DC-3 Iceland, instragram airplane pictures

This DC-3 airplane wreck is located Located on the Southern coast of Iceland. So, what happened to the airplane?

The Douglas DC-3 crash-landed here in 1973. No one was killed in the crash. Who would have known that this crashed plane would become such a well-known Icelandic tourist attraction? And, with that rainbow in the background, it sure looks like a poster card for the Icelandic tourism industry.

Dornier 328, Pine Barrens, South New Jersey, U.S.A.

Dornier 328, New Jersey

No one quite understands how this German-made airliner made it into the New Jersey woods. Some people claim it was brought in for paintball practice. However, no one really knows.

Regardless, this old German bird has definitely seen better days.

C-47 Skytrain, Croatia-Bosnia-Herzegovina border (former Yugoslavia)

C-47 Skytrain

This Yankee-bird is not going home any time soon. The C-47, a victim of war and abandoned, is now blending in with the shrubbery of a former military airbase.

Cold War Communist country Yugoslavia’s Zeljava Air Base used this U.S. manufactured Douglas C-47 Skytrain to transport Yugoslavian military personnel.

The airbase was systematically destroyed by enemy explosives when the country fell apart during the local war of the 1990s.

Boeing 747 Jumbojet, Bangkok, Thailand

B747, Bangkok Thailand

The Bangkok Airplane Graveyard is a big tourist attraction. And what AvGeek would not want to explore an airplane wreck that once used to be a flying B747?

Sadly, the planes here have all been gutted by people attempting to salvage whatever they could recover as extra income from scrap metal. Even more shocking, the plane wrecks here have become the homes to several families who moved into these airplane-bodies, rent-free!

Your opinion on Instagram’s airplane picture wrecks wanted!

So, which of the airplane pictures do you think is the best one? Have you seen other great Instagram airplane wreck pictures? If so, please let us know so that we can perhaps include them in more stories about Instagram airplane pictures. Please let us know by contacting us here!

Featured Image: instagram/lesjetson: Airplane boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona.

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