7 Awesome Places You Should Visit in Africa!

Generally, Africa is such an epic continent with too many glorious sites for any single list to encompass all.

The second largest continent in the world is one of those places you visit and wish to stay forever.

Here you will find sublime natural and unexploited islands, jungles full of wildlife, incredibly rich array of cultures, and great people on the whole.

A trip to Africa will not only leave you with a memorable adventure. It will also change your way of thinking and create in you a daring attitude.

Here are 7 incredible countries in Africa and some activities you can look forward to taking pleasure in.

1. Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa
Majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

What to do in Tanzania

  • Embark on a safari – Tanzania holds two iconic safari destinations; Ngoro Ngoro Crater and Serengeti- the home to the great migration of herds that flee the vast plains for better and greener pastures annually.
  • Hike Kilimanjaro- This is the tallest mountain in Africa with three inactive volcano cones. Challenge your fitness by conquering Kibo- the highest and snow-covered crater of Mt. Kilimanjaro. There is no comparison between this mountain and Everest in terms of height. But there are enough tests that nature might throw at you so you better be prepared for a tough climb. Getting to the peak of this mountain is utterly steep and cold but the view and the achievement sense is so blissful.
Mt. Kilimanjaro aerial
Mount Kilimanjaro aerial view

2. Kenya

Lions in Masai Mara
Lions observed on a Masai Mara Tour in Kenya

Kenya Attractions

Kenya is one of those destinations that don’t limit you to a certain time of the year. With a temperate climate, all you need is to plan your vacation and go, anytime any day!

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  • Tour Masai Mara- Remember the aforementioned herds that migrate from Serengeti each year for greener pasture? Yes, they enter Kenya and settle in Masai Mara. Best time to visit is between June and August (the dry months). This is especially true if you want to witness the vast wildebeests migration. There’s just so much concentration of diverse animal breeds. From Lions to deer and giraffes. Kenyan tour is not complete without Mara.
  • Lazy around white sand beaches at the coast- If you are anything like me, then the ocean is our thing and southern and northern coast of Kenya has it all- Stellar views, Palm trees, and Azure’s tides. Bring your surfboard and let’s go surfing!
Masai Mara elephants
Masai Mara elephants

3. Madagascar

Stone Forest, Madagascar
The stunning Stone Forest, Madagascar

The uniqueness of Madagascar

Did you know 90% of Madagascar’s wildlife is not found anywhere else on earth? 

How incredible is that?

  • Visit the Stone Forest- Found in Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park this massive formation of limestone has the most unique and rare terrains on earth. Explore it and while at it, you might be lucky to see different species of lemur as 11 of the species call this barren landscape home.
  • Go see the ‘tree of life’ – The Baobabs help the ancient Madagascar people to survive droughts. Hence the name ‘tree of life’. Their enormous stems have capabilities of storing water and their leaves are used as medicine.

4. South Africa

Soweto, South Africa
Friendly Soweto residents sharing stories about local history and heritage

How South Africa is sometimes wrongly perceived

Some people make a mistake of perceiving South Africa as countries in the south of Africa, which is actually not the case. South Africa is a single and independent country in Africa.

Fun things to do in South Africa

  • Hangout with the local people- The most amazing thing about South Africa is the cultural diversity. Step out to meet great people from the largest slum in the world- Soweto and seek to know about the history and heritage there.
  • Durban Soccer Stadium or Bloukrans Bridge Rope Jump- If you are looking to cure your height fears, dangling over 700 feet should do the trick.
Bloukrans Bridge
Bloukrans Bridge

5. Zambia

VIctoria Falls, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls is one of the most popular attractions in Africa
Victoria Falls tourists
Tourists admiring Victoria Falls from their unique vantage point

Zambia and its attractions

  • Tour the famous Victoria Falls- Located at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls is one of the most stupendous views on earth spreading for over 2 kilometers in width. You can also spot the rainbow that emerges from the fall’s mist (commonly known as ‘the smoke that thunders’) from as far as 2 kilometers. Victoria Falls emerges from river Zambezi.
  • Do some house boating in big rivers and lakes such as Kariba Lake- If you are done with wildlife and waterfalls, you can retreat and turn to some quiet spots and do some fishing.
rainbow Victoria Falls
The Victoria Falls rainbow

6. Egypt

Camel Egypt
Mount Sinai from Egypt

Discover Egypt

Egypt is such an interesting country, located in Africa yet rich with Arabic culture and heritage. This country holds the real meaning of having the best of both worlds.

  • Visit the paranoiac sites- From the famous pyramids to the temples and statues, most of which gives the history of the wonderful creations that were made by Israelites while at Egypt, to great Arabian delicacies a trip to Egypt should top your bucket list.
  • Take a hike at Mount Sinai- Enjoy the summit of this beautiful mountain especially at sunrise and sunset at a height of more than 2,000 meters, or 6,561 feet. If you happen to be a religious person, get to enjoy the mountain from a different perspective of hiking great Sinai as the old Moses did thousand years ago.
  • See the Nile- Cruise the Nile on a boat the river behind prosperous agricultural practices and civilization of Egypt.

7. Seychelles

Seychelle Islands
Praslin, Seychelles

Why Seychelles?

Seychelles is the ultimate destination for water lovers.

This paradise island is located off the east coast of Africa and it is surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

Things to do in the Seychelles

Seychelles tortoise
This charmer is the Seychelles tortoise
  • Spend your time with one of the largest tortoises on earth- If you found your way to Seychelles it’s assumed you intend to take a break and really relax. Apart from lying on the beaches (which are a great deal here) spend your day taking some cool photos with this docile and gigantic animal.
  • See the world heaviest seed (before it becomes extinct) – Although they need a special license if they are to be removed from the island and an export permit if you are to take one home, you can take a few shots with the rare seed Coco De Mer In case you don’t want to go through the process.

African Food for Thoughts

Africa is incredibly awesome and we simply can’t compile a complete list of the places you should visit. Get planning and travel to Africa!

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