5 Effective Ways to Find Cheap Holidays Packages

So where do you find cheap vacation packages? They just don’t fall out of the sky. It takes some careful research and planning to find a great deal that fits nicely into your budget – or is far cheaper than you expected.

There is a sweet science to finding cheap holidays packages and thanks to several great websites available, you can land the perfect getaway. So, what are you waiting for? Your next holiday is only a fingertip away.

Time is always of the essence

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Time is always one of the two biggest factors that determine the price you pay for a holiday. Booking a holiday at peak vacation time is going to cost you a pretty penny. Being flexible with your dates and times for a holiday can make all the difference in the world.

Cheap holidays packages can be found in popular vacation spots during the offseason. So, rather than going to that Costa del Sol resort during June or July, think about arriving in November or December. The weather won’t be scorchingly hot, but you will still get amazing temperatures, no crowds, and a cheap overall price.

Don’t always trust comparison websites

It is now commonplace that the average traveler goes to a price comparison website and chooses the cheapest holiday package listed believing they have saved themselves money. The problem with price comparison websites is certain benefits and extras can be omitted from the deal.

You may find cheap holidays packages via price comparison websites like Expedia and Kayak, but you may end up paying more in the end to receive the items those websites took away to make the deal low-priced. A cheap holiday is great unless you end up making up the difference to add breakfasts, Wi-Fi, or other items.

Pay attention to this

Travelers need to handle comparison websites with care when booking package holidays. You should look over all the perks and amenities included with the deal and compare it to the more expensive deals. It is also a good idea to research a regularly priced package and see what is missing from the cheapest options.

Book well in advance

Everyone knows if you wait until the last minute, you pay more for a holiday. To lock in a low price on cheap holidays packages, it is important to book the trip as early as possible. Personally, I have booked flights for trips to the United States as far as 10 months in advance to get the lowest price possible and to save money. It has saved me hundreds of dollars over the years.

Reasons for booking early

Some people choose to book a holiday package one full year from going on a trip. To some travelers, booking so far in advance sounds ridiculous. Yet, it is a great idea for several reasons.

Firstly, you lock in a low package deal for a resort in Cancun. Secondly, you spend the next 12 months paying off the holiday or saving for activities once you arrive. Thirdly, you build up the trip for 12 months and by the time you arrive on the sandy beaches of Mexico, you have mentally turned this into the best holiday possible.

Family travel booking perks

If you are traveling with your family, there are some cheap holidays packages that offer free accommodation and/or food for children. This could save you a lot of money and a number of travel companies offer this to families if the trip is booked well in advance.

When booking early could come back and bite you

The DoNotPay App can be a traveler’s best friend in need. Screenshot: iPhone App Store.

There are varying arguments about booking early not saving you money. One reason is airlines or hotels may have a sudden price reduction to fill seats and rooms that are not sold. One handy tool to help you get a refund on airline ticket reductions is DoNotPay. The app watches the prices of airline tickets and if the price drops on your already booked ticket, DoNotPay will help you get a refund on it.

Inclusive Tours

Never heard of Inclusive Tours, aka ‘IT’, before? Well, this could save you hundreds of dollars. IT can turn pricey trips into cheap holidays packages very quickly. We all know long-haul flights can be expensive, but with IT, you can book a flight, hotel, and rental car in one package that is cheaper than the airfare alone.

You may think booking car rental and a hotel on top of the long-haul flight from Atlanta to London would be far too expensive. But booking them separately can be a nightmare for your finances in the end. Packaging the three items together can leave you with serious savings than on just booking the flight.

Additional discounts

At the same time, if you are booking through a travel operator, you may be able to negotiate a price that fits into your budget. An online deal maybe bested by a brick and mortar travel agent. Don’t be afraid to find an online deal and shop around using it for leverage.

Try Momondo

Momondo continues to get praise from all corners due to its savvy money-saving flight tool. It is worth trying to find a low-price flight. The website also sells cheap holidays packages, so you can try out the flight tool when searching through the vacation packages.

How does Momondo’s flight tool work? It simply tells you which days are the cheapest and most expensive to fly. The website displays an easy to read graph with prices and days of the week. By clicking on the flight that appeals to you and your budget, you can put together cheap holidays packages.

For additional flight search tips, you can read the article here.

Thinking of a cruise? Then check out the tips here.

Possibilities to consider and mistakes to avoid

Procrastinators can find low-priced package holidays; however, this comes with a caveat. While prices may be slashed so travel companies, hotels, and airlines can fill empty spaces, the choices will be limited.

So, if you wanted a package holiday to Greece but waited too long to book it, you may still be able to get a cheap last-minute deal to Turkey. It is the price you pay – or don’t – for waiting until a last-minute sale pops up. Unfortunately, you may keep waiting as there may not be a last-minute sale if all the holiday packages are sold.

Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to find cheap holidays packages for your next big trip

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