4 Reasons Why It Rocks To Visit Nairobi, Kenya

Have you been to modern, exciting Nairobi, Kenya? If you haven’t then you can discover why you should put it on your list of places to visit here.

Besides from being the largest city in Kenya, Nairobi also conjures swanky and elegant sites worth visiting. From fancy hotels to wild animals, you’ll be spoilt for choice based on your preference.

What makes Nairobi outstanding, however, is the temperate climate that makes each day of your vacation an opportunity to explore the city.

The city is not very straight forward to visitors. Most tourists head either to the coast or to the famous Maasai Mara.

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But you don’t have to go past the capital!

Here are a few places you should add to your bucket list all of which are within the city and less than 30 minutes from town.

If you’re for voracious night life or wildlife lover Nairobi will be kind to you!

1. Maasai Market

Masai Market
The Maasai Market is an exciting place for shopping. Photo © Christine Mungai

If you’re planning your trip to Kenya, you’ve probably come across the name Maasai. This’s the most renowned tribe and culture in the country’s ethnicity. Your vacation would not be complete without buying a Maasai traditional and culture-based souvenir.

Maasai Market is an open-air market specifically for traditional garments, bracelets, bags, and necklaces. What’s more fun about shopping here is it’s not located in a specific location. The vendors rotate within the city. Each day of the week has a specific market location. Interesting right?

2. Nairobi National Park

Christine at the National Park
Here I am, saying hello to the Cheetah, which appears more interested in waiting for his handler’s food to arrive. Photo © Christine Mungai

Just a few minutes from Nairobi town you can enjoy ‘the big five’ and more animals freely in Nairobi National Park. The park provides a wonderful mini safari without leaving the city. It’s up to you to decide how intense you want your safari to be. Walking or driving through safari walk section allow you to come as close as your braveness can take you near un-caged wild animals.  

If you’ve got kids or well, if you’re anything like me, you’re better off in the Nairobi Animal Orphanage, located inside the Nairobi National Park. You still got the privilege of coming super close to the animals, but they are caged for safety.

3. Nairobi National Museum

National Museum
Nairobi national Museum. Photo © Christine Mungai

The museum which is located in Museum hill, a short drive from town offers a rich taste of Nairobi and Kenyan heritage. This’s a home to the most celebrated pieces and collection of History, Art and Culture.

The aim of setting up the Nairobi National Museum was to elaborate and interpret Kenyan heritage as well as stimulating culture-learning.  Leafy grounds and amid lush offers a great view that integrates with the traditional monuments within the museum.

You don’t really need a tour personal guide to show you around, there’s a guide at the entryway that contains all the information on each section of the museum.

4. Dine at the Carnivore

Carnivore Restaurant
Delicious food awaits you at the famous Carnivore! Photo © Christine Mungai

A combination of a rural setting and a classic meat junction makes the Carnivore Restaurant strikingly peculiar from any other restaurant in Kenya. 

Dining at Carnivore has long topped the list of the things to do in Nairobi. Meals are at a set price for a full course and you feed as much as you can take.

The feeding frenzy stops not until you signal them to bring no more. You only declare enough is enough by lowering down a white paper flag patched up on your tray for that specific reason.

Otherwise, if the flag is up, they’ll keep filling your table.

Today’s city

Downtown Nairobi

Some time back, Nairobi was referred to as “The City in the Sun”. It’s easy to see why! 

Though the name has faded away with time, this outstanding city still gives its visitors a fulfilling fun feeling.

It’s easy for me to make the claim that Nairobi is truly a fun city. After all I live there, and I am a native of beautiful Kenya!

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