24 Funny Airport and Airline Pictures & Videos

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Have you snapped your own funny airport and airline pictures or videos? If you have, then you know how they create a good innocent laugh. Here are some funny ones.

#1. A proud family’s welcome home display for mom

The popular Welcome Home signs are always in abundance at airports. It’s a great gesture towards your arriving party.

We don’t know how long mom was locked up or why she was in prison. For what we know mom could even be the pillar of the community in this family’s neighborhood. But, is it a good idea to display the middle sign letting everybody know where mom has been?

Welcome home from prison mom airport greeting signs, hilareous airport pictures

#2. Wait, isn’t that…

Forrest Gump on the airport shuttle? And where is Lieutenant Dan? Good recognition. But this guy was just a real-life look-alike and dress-alike of Tom Hank’s characterization of the beloved Forrest Gump in the movie.

Forrest Gump lookalike airport shuttle

#3. New male legs now in fashion among younger millennials?

No, the guy in the blue shirt did not clone his legs with that girl walking next to his escalator. What appears to be the boy’s legs is an optical illusion created by the reflection in the escalator’s glass wall. However, based on the boy’s admiring look, he’d love to get to know that girl a little better.

Airport escalator optical illusion, hilareous airport pictures

#4. How to fly the world for free

If you are tight on money for that long-awaited trip here is your solution. Simply become your travel mate’s luggage on his or her ticket. Then, when you get to your destination you won’t even have to spend money on a lousy, primitive hostel. This suitcase is supposedly equipped with a shower and a compact cushion for sleeping.

Avoiding baggage fees airport terminal, hilareous airport pictures

#5. Kids on a leash

This mom needs to purchase a few more lessons in on-leash obedience training before she can allow her offspring to run around off-leash in an airport terminal.

Kids on leash

#6. Sir Lancelot, the Knight of the Round Table flying for the first time

The TSA agent does not quite seem to know how to process this medieval character through security screening. The knight is handling the situation beautifully, assuring the TSA agent he has come in peace. He is all shielded in plastic, which explains the ease of successfully passing through the metal detector.

TSA Sir Lancelot, hilareous airport pictures

#7. A future Harley Queen

The feedback we got on this airport terminal picture is that dad is the head of a Harley motorcycle club in his hometown. Thanks to her dad, young daughter Lucy has already gotten bitten by the Harley-bug. Here is Lucy at hard ridin’ practice for the future.

Child jockey on suitcase, hilareous airport pictures

#8. Metal on metal at the TSA

This dude is about to walk through the metal screening machine, proudly announcing what he is made of. Being an expert on metal he may have figured a way to bond with the screening machine as brothers.

King of Metal TSA

#9. Billie Bob

Billie Bob is a first-time flyer. He has not quite figured how this TSA-screening procedure works yet. But, he is more than willing to learn and comply. Based on what the TSA agent is paying attention to it appears that Billie Bob’s action will proceed undetected.

Man going into TSA Xray machine

#10. Expedited TSA screening

Don’t you just hate the stress of trying to quickly remove your belt and shoes, etc. before proceeding trough the detector? Sometimes you get the feeling the passengers behind you in line are ready to peck you on the shoulder to make you hurry up.

Well, Steve Olsen has figured out a solution to the dilemma. Although voluntary, Steve is only trying to help the TSA improve their procedures.

Man in underwear in TSA line

#11. Enough, I am jetlagged!

Waiting for your luggage to arrive after a 12-hour overseas flight is no fun. After that, you still have to go through immigration and customs!

This young lady has had enough of airline-life in one day. Hopefully, her mom will make sure she won’t remain on display with the suitcases once the conveyor belt starts moving.

Girl on conveyor belt airport

#12. Darth Vader arriving on Virgin Galactic

The crowd is enthusiastically welcoming Darth as he steps off his flight from space. And, as you can see to the middle right in the picture, the sign that says “Vader” is being held up by the limo driver. Now the paparazzi will at least know who to follow as Darth leaves the building.

Darth Vader at airport

#13. Preflight temper tantrum

2-year old Anna has decided that her mom’s search for Duty-Free vodka and cigarettes is not her cup of tea. She wants to go flying NOW!

Young girl sleeping on airport terminal floor

#14. Danish Airport Rules

Barney Five and Andy Griffith
Deputy Barney Fife, ready to nip it in the bud! (CBS)

Aalborg Airport in Denmark has a designated area where you can part with your loved one before you have to go through security.

However, in a true 1960’s Andy Griffith Show’s Deputy Barney Fife fashion of enforcing the lawful assembly limit rule, no kissing lasting more than three minutes is allowed. Otherwise, Barney will throw the book at you!

Kiss and Goodbye airport sign

#15. Discrimination against females or a female plot to poison men?

Hard to say, but someone came up with this (not so bright) airport sign. Actually, the sign refers to directions to two different airport amenities, a male toilet, and a drinking fountain.

funny airport and airline pictures
(C. Lee)

#16. IKEA furniture designer

The furniture chain IKEA is world-famous for its inventions of affordable and practical furniture arrangements. As evidenced by this IKEA designer flying to a furniture conference in Sweden, his designing mind never stops working. An unexpected flight delay was no problem for him. By the way, this is how the idea of IKEA’s famous “Stockholm Air Bed” came about. How Swede it is. He just may be flying on SAS.

Suitcase sleep, funny airport and airline pictures

#17. What a passenger felt about paying extra for baggage fees

Many of us hate the extra taxes and fees that airlines and the government latch onto our fares. It simply ticks off a lot of passengers.

Joking aside… This is a result of a cargo bin being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The bin got sucked into a running jet engine.

Delta cargo bin, funny airport and airline pictures

#18. Pilot fatigue

Pilot and flight attendants

Crew layover fun combined with 14 hour duty days over five days straight just doesn’t mix. Again, joking aside… The airplane was accidentally taxied into the hangar. No one was hurt.

Airplane in hangar wall, funny airport and airline pictures

#19. Separation anxiety issues?

This pajamas-clad dude is holding up a Welcome Home sign for his mommy and daddy. Hopefully, this is just a fun gesture to greet his parents upon arriving back home and not some early adulthood developmental issues.

Holding welcome home home sign at airport arrival area

#20. TSA solitaire

Ever wondered what the TSA officers do during slow times (or perhaps during busy times too)? The TSA agent’s screen can help us understand why a passenger can sometimes slip through undetected with a nail clipper!

TSA solitaire, funny airport and airline pictures

#21. Airport terminals are entertainment capitals

You can always spot a lot of entertaining things in an airport terminal. And who said airport terminals are boring? These guys from a Comi-Con gathering decided to get shoeshines before the intergalactic flight home.

Comicon figures at airport terminal

#22. How to carry excess baggage

We are now at the first out of two short video clips included in our list of funny airport and airline pictures.

Flying with children can present a big challenge for parents. The stress, boredom, lack of sleep, and the jetlag can be bad enough for us adults!

But, many moms and dads are resourceful. Sometimes parents just have to resort to whatever emergency solutions are necessary to ensure the best for the kids. A parent is never out of practical solutions for the best of their child, as this dad demonstrates. (hilariousgifs.com)

#23. How to drive your carry on luggage

This funny video shows a lady driving around the airport terminal on her motorized carry on luggage. Modobag is a real invention. The bag can be purchased, but for a hefty price tag of about US$1,500. The bag is TSA and airline approved. However, be careful some rookie airport cop doesn’t issue you a ticket for reckless terminal driving.

#24. His Royal Majesty’s falcons

We have come to the last of our funny airport or airline pictures. And it’s just funny to see how people with money and power can get things their way.

When you are the Saudi Prince no one will deny you the right to bring your 80 falcons along on a flight. This photo is from an actual flight between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. And yes, His Highness did purchase a seat-reservation (or should we say top of the tray table reservation?) for every one of his falcons.

funny airport and airline pictures
(Featured Image: trend-chaser.com)

Do you have any funny airport or airline pictures or videos to share?

Send your pictures to us HERE for possible inclusion and credit of your pictures in a future article on CaptainJetson.com!

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