European Flight Compensation Claims: How to get your money

European airline passenger flight compensation claims are on the rise. Passenger confusion around the subject of how to get the money that you’re entitled to often creates frustrations and anger. The rules may seem pretty complicated.

You may be entitled to receiving some pretty good money from your airline if you were a passenger on a flight that qualifies under the European Union’s Flight Delay Compensation passenger rights law.

The law specifies passenger rights-rules, compensating airline passengers for certain inconveniences. The law applies to certain to or from Europe-flights.

But, first, let’s quickly find out if you initially qualify for this monetary flight compensation.

1. Did your affected flight:

a) Depart (take off) OUTSIDE of Europe (for example, from the U.S. or Asia), AND landing IN Europe, and was your flight operated by a EUROPEAN carrier?

b) Depart (take off) FROM Europe, and was your flight operated by a carrier of ANY nationality?

  • If you answered YES to any of the above, continue reading…

2. Did you experience one of these things?

a) Flight Delay?

b) Denied Boarding?

c) Missed Connection?

d) Flight Cancellation?

  • If you answered YES to any of the above…

You could get paid up to 600 Euros (about US$700) in compensation per passenger!

Delayed flight compensation companies
Credit: Euro Air Traffic Control

How can you get your flight compensation money into your bank account the easiest and quickest way, without complications?

70% of passengers filing the claim process on their own are reporting that airlines don’t follow up with processing their claims. These are claims you are entitled to, per European law!

Air-Collect, a very convenient and easy solution

Let your pros at Air-Collect flight compensation company professionally handle your airline. Air-Collect will process your claim on your behalf, with no worries or follow-up on your part.

Your money will first be deposited from your airline into your bank account in your own country’s currency before Air-Collects fee is due.

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Thanks to a special agreement between Captain Jetson and Air-Collect, we are now able to give you a 10% discount off Air-Collect’s flight compensation award fee!

Captain Jetson and Air-Collect are truly flying together, for your benefits!

In the remote possibility that Air-Collect is unsuccessful in obtaining your compensation from the airline, then there are ZERO fees to pay!

Cancelled flight passengers airport terminal
© Captain Jetson

Filing and Getting your Discount is easy!


First, make sure you claim your 10% Captain Jetson Discount promo code!

SCAN the QR code below to instantly get your discount:

Doing so will conveniently take you directly to a flight compensation claim form.


Go to, but make sure to TYPE the discount code:





Enter your Captain Jetson Promo Code (discount code) into your online claim form AT THE END OF THE FORM (see sample claim form below).

…otherwise, you cannot get your 10% discount credit!

Sample claim form from Air-Collect

Complete your online claim form, and then hit “submit my claim”!

Then sit back and relax! Air-Collect will handle everything for you from there.

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Captain Jetson Air-Collect Discount
Air-Collect 5-star rating

BEST Passenger Flight Delay Compensation Money-Award Service Specialist.

Air-Collect flight delay compensation filing instructions

How your flight compensation is paid out

Payments are made in euros or exchanged to the currency of your bank’s country of residence.

For example, if you live in the U.S., then your money will be directly deposited into your private U.S. bank account as U.S. dollars.

How can Air-Collect be cheaper than their competition, yet provide superior quality?

The Air-Collect solid passenger advantage:

  • They have a 100% automated in-house claim process.
  • Air-Collect uses proprietary software.
  • Their flawless execution power is awesome.
  • Low-cost bank transfers take place in foreign currencies! 
  • Instead of spending a huge budget on Google, Facebook, etc, they reserve the discounts for the end-customers, you, (for whom traveling is already expensive enough).
  • They give commissions on business brought in by Captain Jetson: A great informative aviation & travel-oriented website that offers great added value to all travelers.; an aviation and travel influencer- site trusted by the traveling public.

Check out Air-Collect’s reputable and trustworthy name and standing here!

European Union

Air-Collect complies with EU standards. They are registered in the European Transparency register under ID number: 768052130212-33.

In order to fully inform, advise and protect their clients impacted by the regulations affecting them, Air-Collect is required to monitor and actively engage with members of EP, where deemed necessary. That’s in order
to represent the opinions and wishes of Air-Collect’s clients, related to consumer rights.

The company’s headquarters are located in Paris, France.

You can verify Air-Collect’s listing in the European Transparency Register here.

Air-Collect Legal information

The legal side of Air-Collect is covered by their own legal partner. Thanks to this strategic setup, Air-Collect is always in touch with the latest developments regarding European regulation 261/2004. Thus, Air-Collect can produce legal procedures on behalf of its clients (you, the passenger), in a cost-effective and quick manner. 

As a result, airlines take Air-Collect seriously. Airlines listen to Air-Collect when they knock on the airlines’ door. As a result, the airlines deal with them as an equal business partner.

GDPR information

Air-Collect is 100% GDPR compliant. 

The company does not outsource any client information to third parties. This secures the protection against any data theft or abuse.

Air-Collect complies with French law, which is one of the strictest in the entire world, regarding personal data information.

Their servers are based in France and Switzerland.

Featured photo: © Captain Jetson

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