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Are you a Travel or Aviation Blogger?

We are looking for a few good writers with expertise in Travel Blogging  and Aviation (Air Travel) Blogging to contribute to our fast-growing Travel & Aviation site.

Share your experience, adventures, tips, guidance, knowledge, writing style, and skills, to keep our tens of thousands of monthly unique visitors riveted. 

Our interesting blogs are easy to read, follow, and understand for any visitor. 

People tell us they simply love our accompanying story pictures too. That’s why we avoid common stock photo as much as possible.

Is your travel blog drowning in the massive ocean of travel bloggers?

Visitors return to our travel site because they know we offer one of the most unique blend of free travel tips, guidance, and subjects on the web.

To bring bloggers together on one site, each with their own area of travel expertise, we need the best guest authors on our team.

Whats' in it for you as a guest contributor of

Your blog will get the attention it deserves.

Upon publishing, your article will be featured on our home page.

You get your name, picture, blog site, and back link on Captain Jetson, directing our visitors to learn more about you and your site, social media account, email, or whatever you choose.

Once your article is published we also expect you to announce the news on your own website, with a direct link to your Captain Jetson blog post. 

Your author credit will appear with your article, and additionally, your profile will be displayed here.

Your article will be marketed with effective SEO techniques and through our many social media outlets. We also apply other highly effective methods to help  grow the amount of visitors to read your article.

So, as you can see, being a guest author contributor at the Captain Jetson Travel Site is a win-win proposition for you and us together.

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Join our team of bloggers

Hey Bloggers, how about teaming up with Captain Jetson’s Squadron of Travel & Aviation Writers? It’s the Right Stuff to do 🙂

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