Top 5 Tips On How To Find Cheap Flights

So much is written about the best solution on how to find cheap flights online. Every author has his or her own opinion of the subject. 

Long-term experience in the travel industry also leads to a solid knowledge of the industry.

I have concluded painstaking research of the subject over several months. Here are my top 5 tips on how to find cheap flights:

1. Which Flight Search Engine gives me the Best Price?

The present-day’s volatile and highly competitive flight industry provides travelers with a variety of options to choose from. Those options include increased affordability and convenience.

In this regard, we ensure that you remain well positioned to find the best possible price on your flight search.

We are constantly monitoring which flight search engine gives you the best bang for your bucks.

Against the long list, we firmly believe that Skyscanner currently remains the best. Skyscanner has the ability to address each of your travel concerns.

skyscanner flight search

2. Cheap Flight Days

Recent research has established that one of the most common concerns among air travelers is the whole process of determining the cheapest flight day.

According to an article published by Skyscanner, the flight search engine found that potential and existing passengers should consider booking their flights on certain days. Favorable days for bookings are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

In brief, most airlines tend to stick to their marketing strategy of sales of cheap flights at the beginning of the week. Therefore, I’d recommend you mark your calendar to focus your main flight search days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

3. Exceptions to the Tuesday and Wednesday Search Rule

Now you know that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the days you should manually perform your flight search.

Besides acquainting yourself with some of these pocket-friendly flight days, you should add your focus on checking fares offered by airline companies daily.

The good news about how to easily incorporating a daily search without spending hours in front of the computer: 

Use Skyscanner strategies!

Undoubtedly, this presents you with the best possible opportunity to spring on it whenever the prices drop slightly or significantly.

How to use Skyscanner Strategies to ease your search

Skyscanner allows you to achieve flight bargains in the comfort of your seat by simply signing up for their timely e-mail alerts.

Skyscanner not only checks but also employs a comprehensive approach to comparing fares from a broad range of worldwide different booking engines.

Therefore, logging onto several different flight search engines for the purpose of checking fares is not necessary.

Skyscanner automatically incorporate the fares from different search engines on their server, presenting you with the best deal.

Skyscanner’s price alert-system is a necessity and extremely important strategy in your search on how to find cheap flights.

This is especially true for individuals, who are not flexible with their travel dates.

Weekly, daily, as well as monthly notifications, can go a long way in updating you about the ever-changing pricing trends.

Through its App and newsletter, Skyscanner sends you the leading flight options.

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Don’t forget to check your airline’s website too

At the same time you check Skyscanner, I’d recommend that you also visit the airlines’ own websites with the sole purpose of exploiting the cheapest deals best for you.


4. Last Minute Deals? Use an App

The 24-hour economy has presented people from all sectors with another challenger: strict deadlines and long working hours.

In this sense, you are more likely to lack adequate time to organize for a flight reservation.

In the recent past, you could enjoy last-minute flights by asking for standby tickets or engaging your friends or family members working at the airport or airline.

Unfortunately, such favors have become elusive, given the constantly increasing number of ticket sellouts.

With the Skyscanner App, you just got the correct answer to this problem. You do not need any interactions, as the app plays a central role in ensuring that clients have comprehensive, quick, and convenient flight searches.

Available in iOS and Android devices the Skyscanner App helps you catch that last-minute flight as opposed to waiting in the illusory standby list.

5. Clearing Computer Cookies

clearing computer cookies

Apart from the identified factors for finding the best price for flight searches, the simplest possible trick to get cheap flight tickets involves clearing cookies just before and after every search for fares

Through dynamic pricing, different booking engines and airline companies tend to quote relatively higher prices. With this criterion, the decision to refresh browser windows several times does not reduce the price involved in a given flight. 

Refreshing a web browser is more likely to make your flights more expensive!

How do these cookies work against my flight search fare results?

Findings from empirical studies have shown that a variety of travel websites, as well as airlines most often utilize computer cookies against potential and existing passengers.

Sadly, but this is how slick marketing techniques have become. It’s like, whatever information you previously gave them, can and will be used against you to justify jacking up the fare for the same flight you previously searched.

By determining and storing your information as a NEW traveler or frequent flier, a travel website calculates an airfare based on what it believes you can pay, reeling you in with the lowest prices.

On the contrary, clearing the cookies not only removes your stored IP address but also deletes traces of previous flight searches. 

In this way, when you re-visit the search engine or airline site, you will show up as a new customer, which means the calculated price will remain low.

Skyscanner’s features

There are several ways you can use Skyscanner to find the flight search deal that is best for you. Their website explains how to do that.

You can also search for a hotel and car rental deal on Skyscanner, in addition to your flight search.

The key is to spend a few minutes learning the Skyscanner tips, designed for their search engine.

The following three screenshots from Skyscanner show you three features you can use to search for your flight:

1. Airfare Alerts:

airfare alerts skyscanner

2. How to find extremely cheap last minute flights:

last minute cheap flights

3. How to find cheap international flights:

cheap international flights

Curious to find out how Skyscanner works?

Check out the free flight comparison with Skyscanner.

Happy, fun, and safe flying always.

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