Pedestrian walkway problem across a Bangladesh airport’s active runway!

Cox's Bazar International Airport in Bangladesh

In 2015, the Cox’s Bazar International Airport in Bangladesh initiated international flight operations. International flights were approved after the runway improvements were completed.

International flying started in 2017. As a result of the completion, various domestic and foreign tourists were traveling in and out of the airport every day. 

The big safety-problem problem sky-road

One big problem that Cox’s Bazar International Airport is faced with involves a pedestrian road that crosses over the active runway where airplanes take off and land!

Biman Bangladesh Airlines
Credit: Asif Iqbal

The airport is becoming risky due to irregularities and mismanagement. Local people have been crossing freely across the active runway. This is due to lack of airport guidelines, even completely missing guidelines by the airport management.

To add to the severe lack of safety there is not even a wall around this airport!

Chaos, corruption, and horror stories

Local people are using the runway as a shortcut road. People have also entered the runway to roam and take pictures. And these irregularities are in front of the eyes of the Ansar members who are in charge of the airport’s security.

Cox’s Bazar Airport
Credit: Md. Mafujul Islam

One man said that he had to pay 30 TAKA (36 U.S. cents) to use this road. Another couple said that they walk across the runway daily, but there is no one there to interfere or stop them for doing so. A schoolgirl said that she crosses the runway every day to get to school.

Security analysts say that if the airport security is not guaranteed, a major accident can occur at any time. Authorities are blaming the civil aviation corruption here.

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Every day, 9 international flights from different airlines operate on the Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar route, Biman Bangladesh Airlines are also flying this route three times a week over three separate days.

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