How pilot quality headsets contribute to your safety in the airplane

Now with Editor's notes!

As an airline passenger you probably never think of the countless pieces of amazing things that help keep you safe while you fly.

One thing that plays into the aspects of your total safety of flight is the pilot headset. But how does pilot headsets help keep you safe?

Effective communication translates to aviation safety

Communication is key to the airline sector. Effective communication enables pilots to perform better in flying. This is where the type of headsets worm by your pilots play a crucial role.

A headset with quality noise reduction features offers clear and crisp communication between the pilot and Air Traffic Control (ATC).

Noise Cancellation Technology

Do you have a headset with noise cancellation technology yourself? Perhaps you have one to cancel out the noise around you when you fly as a passenger?

Then you know how great those are for canceling out background noise. You may wear them not hooked up to any sound source, such as your media player. Or, you may wear them as an airline passenger not hooked up to anything, to cancel out the cabin noise for some good sleep on board.

One might ask why do aviation headsets cost so much?

The reasons are clear; these headsets provide Active Noise Cancellation Technology enhance reliable communication. They do that by cutting down the noise and disturbance. As you are aware, even a second of miscommunication can cause a major disaster.

High-end equipment enables smooth communication between the pilot and the ATC. These headsets offer crisp and clear hearing that is important to pilots at the time of take-off and landings.

Thus we can safely say the pricy headsets are justified for its value and reliability. They are also tested in every worst condition to have passed the quality checks and are certified by aviation authorities.

Equipment made by German companies Bose and Sennheiser offer brand value and sturdy performance though they are priced around US$800 to US$3,000.

Editor’s (Captain Les “Jetson”) notes

Since this article was first published by our contributing writer, the following was brought to my attention by a brilliant fellow airline pilot, Captain Matthew, who says:

“Regarding your post on headsets, unfortunately, Bose headsets are not approved on most Airbus aircraft. Trust me, I’ve been trying to gain approval, but Airbus prohibits any headset with more than 20dB noise attenuation. Both the A20 and ProFlight have 300 Ohm impedance, whereas the Airbus AMU requires a 600 Ohm headset.

Many U.S. pilots use Bose A20 without any formal certification or approval. I’ve been trying to influence Bose to produce a change compliant headset, but I’ve had no success to date.”

Kudos to Captain Matthew for this valuable information for his fellow airline pilots!

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