Do Flight Attendants Gossip About Passengers?

It's more common than you think!

What does flight attendant gossip consist of?

Gossip is defined as a casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people. Does gossip happen in your job?

Well, gossip takes place in any job, and flight attendants gossip like any other normal human beings do.

Of course, types of gossip differs in different work environments. An office worker’s watercooler gossip is different from a flight attendant’s cabin gossip by the mere difference in work environments.

The flight attendant personality

A flight attendant needs to keep a professional demeanor, all times. Another thing is that a flight attendant, after a few years on the job, becomes the greatest psychologist and diplomat on earth!

They are trained, however, on know how to neutralize and handle difficult situations in a highly professional manner.

Professional flight attendants often deal with situations that require them to be the world’s greatest psychologists and diplomats combined!

As an airline pilot I often joke that if I was a flight attendant, I would get fired from my job within the first week!


I simply would not have the ability or personality to be a psychologist and diplomat, dealing with and pet-talk irate passengers who blame me for all their travel stress or personal problems in life.

flight attendant gossip inflight

Causes of gossip about passengers

Flight attendant gossip occurs from crazy things that passengers say and do. Obnoxious passengers are often the result of inflight boozing.  

Other gossip consists of who is who and who is doing what within the airline itself. Personnel gossip within a company is no more different within an airline than it is working for any non-airline company.

Some passengers change their personalities in flight. They can become very difficult and start acting like spoiled brats. This is prevalent when alcohol is involved. Add the stress that every passenger is going through for just a single flight.

Every flight involves stress that influences how they feel by the time they’re finally seated in the airplane. Things like dealing with traffic jams to the airport, long check-in lines, security screening, sitting next to a lot of people like sardines in an airplane are all factors that influence how passengers feel. 

Unfortunately, a passenger sometimes takes this stress associated with flying out on your flight attendant. Such a passenger also becomes a catalyst to gossip among the flight attendants on that flight.

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Flight Attendant Jennifer’s story – Gossip gone wild!

Flight attendants also create gossip amongst themselves from passenger encounters.

Gossip as a result of a flight

flight attendant gossip stories

I recently had a conversation with one of my flight attendants. Let’s call her Jennifer. Our subject turned to the gossip that took place as a result of a recent flight. 

Jennifer, a very attractive flight attendant in her early 20’s had this first-class passenger “fall in love” with her during a transcontinental U.S. New York to Los Angeles flight. The passenger was a famous movie star.

Prelude to a gossip story gone out of hand

The passenger became relentless into the flight, trying every trick in the book to get her interested in him.

Jennifer, however, was not interested in him whatsoever. Deplaning at the end of the flight, Jennifer and the relentless passenger parted ways to never meet again.

By the way, things like that happen often in the life of a flight attendant, so it was no big deal.

Or was it a big deal?

Well, in Jennifer’s case the incident resulted in great but innocent gossip among her fellow flight attendants from that flight.

The movie start passenger was a very popular and attractive person to most females. For many flight attendants, getting to know him would have been a dream come true.

About a week later

As a result, the story escalated in the flight attendant gossip circles. First from the truth of what happened on board, hardly worthy of mentioning.

Then the gossip story, totally untrue, circulating among flight attendants, grew to the point where Jennifer was now ENGAGED to this passenger movie star!

It wasn’t until Jennifer reported for her next flight that the flight attendants in the crew-room rushed over to congratulate her on her engagement!

So, to answer your question: Do flight attendants gossip about passengers?

I think by now you have a clear answer to that question.

How about gossip in your line of work? Does it happen? How? Please comment below.

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