Cathay Pacific back in Seattle

It is an excellent time for international aviation, as this is the time when airlines expand and contract for their summer season. Depending on the airline either they are doing well or doing terribly.

Such is our case for Cathay Pacific which has returned to profitability as they have done cost-cutting in some areas, increasing seats on their Boeing 777 and reconfigured their strategy on fuel hedging.

Cathay Pacific present in SEA (again)

Speaking of profitability the airline has returned to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) with a vengeance.

Their operation, planned with airport officials, is scheduled for the following:

From April to June they have daily flights 4 days per week from Seattle to Hong Kong (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday).

On Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, they fly from Hong Kong to Seattle.

From July 2019 onward Cathay Pacific offers a daily departure from Seattle as well as from Hong Kong, 7 days a week.

What prompted Cathay Pacific to return to Seattle?

Seattle, known as “The Emerald City”, had seen a flurry of activity since last summer when Delta decided to cut service to that city pair, which within weeks of that decision Cathay Pacific decided to swoop in an announce a service flight of its own.

It is incredible to see what some airlines considered as expendable flights others may find its weight in gold considering the business headquarters capacity is there to support such flights like the HQ of Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing (although their HQ technically is in Chicago), Starbucks, among many other big companies.

The flight will allow passengers to continue on if their final destination isn’t in Hong Kong to any connection in the Cathay Pacific network throughout Asia since it is a red-eye transform guise as an early flight, the return trip would accomplish the same as it is still early on the West Coast.

Cathay Pacific’s Seattle service: aircraft type and configuration

Even though the Boeing Everett manufacturing plant is on the outskirts of Seattle, unfortunately, Cathay Pacific will fly the Airbus A350-900 in business class configuration (seat setup between the aisles) 1-2-1 with 28 premium economy seats in the placement of 2-4-2,  and 214 seats in coach arranged in a 3-3-3 configuration.

Cathay Pacific code
Cathay Pacific schedule, courtesy of Port of Seattle

Was Delta hasty in leaving Hong Kong?

I don’t believe they left a hole in their network, they prefer to leverage their partnership and relation which Korea Air and help a fellow SkyTeam member out as while they struggle to stay alive.

It is preferred to carry passengers to friendly airports where your alliance brand is synonymous of loyalty, building out a fortress in Seattle took too much investment out of Delta to bring a cold war with Alaska Airlines. Something had to give.

Now Alaska codesharing with American in the Pacific Northwest and Cathay Pacific coming from Hong Kong should be an excellent addition and a welcome for Alaska as it rebuilds in Seattle.

What are your thoughts? You can leave your comments below.

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Featured Photo courtesy of Cathay Pacific and the Port of Seattle.

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