Boeing 737 MAX could return serving the US in a few weeks

Montreal – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have told the International Civil Aviation (the United Nations Aviation Agency) that the Boeing Max Jets could fly in US Airspace as early as late June.

Multiple sources have confirmed this to Allison Lamper of Reuters.

Boeing and FAA representatives briefed the ICAO governing council on Thursday. The announcement was made by two FAA officials.

What does the Boeing 737 MAX return mean?

While the European Union wants to conduct its own investigation, along with the rest of the members of the ICAO, the United States and the FAA are gearing up to place their stamp of approval to return the airplane to service.

Financially it means the guidance that Boeing suspended last quarter would resume. Or it may get revised by a shortfall during the remainder of the year.

This could also extend into the beginning of next year as the company recovers from the scandal that this has been.

It also would mean that deliveries (within the United States) could resume. After all, it’s the U.S. returning the aircraft to service.

While Boeing could file special permits to deliver aircraft overseas it would take the receiving country’s approval to get the Max Jets to their destinations.

It would also mean that the United States is satisfied with the process they have taken to recertify the aircraft. While other countries might be skeptical, the United States is content with their findings.

What do I think?

If I were to take this at face value, then Boeing would have made an essential victory on their way to aerial supremacy.

However, they are not out of the woods yet. The United States is an important market. But, if the rest of the world does not follow suit, then the uncorking of champagne will have to wait.

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Featured photo: Stephen Brashear | Getty Images

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