Biman Bangladesh Airlines finally starting service Dhaka to Guangzhou-service!

Bangladesh Biman Airlines has finally announced the start of its much-requested international flight between Dhaka, Bangladesh to Guangzhou, China. The route-launch has been scheduled for July.  

The importance of the announcement is significant for the economy of Bangladesh. Traders said that if Bangladesh Biman would start the Dhaka to China route it would greatly reduce the cost of import and export of goods in Bangladesh.

The amount of time it would take to import and export goods between the two countries would be greatly reduced.

Biman airline officials said that this new route has not only materialized from the demand of the passengers. The demands for air cargo service between the two cities were equally important.

Second new airline route announcement

Bangladesh Biman Airlines will also serve the Dhaka to Medina, India route, to be launched in December.

Migrant workers and hajj pilgrims will be benefit from the Medina flights. However, aviation experts have pointed out and urging a strong need for Biman Airlines to improve their quality of service prior to starting these two new routes.

China’s commercial trade importance to Bangladesh

China is one of the most important commercial partners of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh imports close to twelve billion dollars of products from China annually. Export to China consists of a significant number of Bangladesh-produced products, including readymade garments. The airline’s long-standing pursuit for this route involved heavy commercial negotiations before an agreement was finally secured.

Further airline expansion possibilities

Airline officials also said that the progress with their two new routes could lead to new marketing policies. That is, if the routes turn out to be profitable for the airline.  

Biman aims for marketing their fares at affordable, but profitable ticket prices. If customers buy tickets and cargo space the airline may also be able to provide better wages for its employees.

The airline spokesperson pointed out that if they (Biman) can provide a good quality of service, then the airline can certainly be profitable.

Another thing the spokesperson pointed out was that another factor necessary for profitability was to eliminate corruption within the airline itself.

The Biman Bangladesh Airlines route network

Biman Bangladesh Airlines is currently operating on 16 international routes, including the Dhaka to Delhi route

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