8 Top Travel Apps for Air Travel

…used by Airline Pilots & Flight Attendants

New apps designed to make our lives easier are popping up everywhere nowadays, and Air Travel Apps are no exception.

Are you taking advantage of using apps to make your air travel less stressful?

As you hustle and bustle trying to get ready for your flight, you are:

  • Hitting jam-packed roads to get to the airport on time.
  • Testing your patience to the limit in the security lines.
  • Wondering about actual or forecast flight or airport delays.
  • Wondering how to get around at the airport, finding your gate and how to get to places.
  • Probably having other questions and issues on your mind.

Which air travel apps are truly useful?

apps for travel

There are so many apps to choose from, with several of them accomplishing the same thing. That goes for air travel apps too.

Well, how about taking advice from some of the best and true airline travel experts in the world?

I am referring to the tens of thousands of aircrews who do air travel for a living because they know all about travel tips and solutions!

Aircrews travel a lot not only during duty-hours, but privately too. And why not?

The top 10 Air Travel Apps: verdict

Before you read about the best ones to use, please know that many pilots and flight attendants agree on the following:

Travel apps sometimes overlap in terms of giving you the same result. Other apps even give you conflicting information, such as TSA waiting-lines not being compatible with what the app says. There really isn’t such a thing as ONE perfect app that does everything! The apps, however, are still very useful and well worth having.

Maybe that’s a hint for the app makers who want to gain a leader-position in travel-application development?

They do indeed make your travel life a little easier though.

Therefore, here are the best ones to use in combination, in no particular order. See which ones suit your needs and take your pick.

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1. WorldFlightInformation

This app displays real-time flight arrival and departure information for more than 5,000 airports worldwide. It’s great for checking flight status, for on-time verification, or delays and cancellations.

You can also see a handy map of your airport with the location of departure gates and baggage claim.

Simply choose your desired airport and the information you need will automatically show up.

App: IOS and Android.

World Flight Info app

2. MiFlight security line app

The MiFlight app tells you how many minutes the estimated wait is to get through security at 150 airports. It can help you find the shortest line too, saving you time.

The information in this app is based on other passengers using their own app to report current wait times.

How to use: Find and enter your airport, then check your estimated wait time.

Time management: Estimate your travel time to the airport, check-in time, and the TSA wait time to figure when you should arrive at the airport to make your flight on time.

MiFlight TSA security line wait time app

Note: MiFlight may take you a few minutes before you can figure its navigation. Once you get the hang of it you should start enjoy using the app.

App: IOS.

3. MyTSA security line app

Operated by TSA.

Like MiFlight the MyTSA app tells you the estimated wait-time in the airport security lanes.

The MyTSA security wait reporting system used to be very unreliable. But after passengers complained the TSA has improved greatly within the area of accurate estimated wait times.

The app is based on fellow passengers using the app to report the actual security line wait-times, like the MiFlight app.

TIP: What works best in getting the best estimated TSA wait time is to use the MyTSA and MiFlight apps together. In that way, you should get the best estimate for a realistic wait-time.

MyTSA app

As the app functionality was being steadily improved the airport delays are now also included in the information you can get from this app.

The app also offers useful TSA security information and helpful tips for how you can speed up your time in the security lane, as well as packing tips.

Additionally, he app has a listing of currently supported TSA PreCheck airports and the procedures for how to enroll in their program.

App: IOS, Android, and Blackberry.

4. Mobile Passport, US Arrivals: Immigration and Customs

The Mobile Passport app gets you through U.S. Customs fast upon your return to the U.S. The program is currently in use at 26 airports and 3 cruise ports, still expanding to other airports in the future.

Canadian passport holders with a U.S. B1 or B2 visa can also use Mobile Passport for expedited entry.

The Mobile Passport program is the best thing for international arrival convenience into the participating U.S. airports.

Mobile Passport app
  • Anytime: Enter your passport information, as directed. you can also enter your entire family profiles in your app. This is all encrypted and only shared with the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). You will have to create a unique PIN code for your app. You will even take a selfie for your app!
  • Up to 24 hours before arrival: Enter the answers to 4 questions about your trip.
  • After landing: Turn on your phone and submit your info to the CBP. Once you hit submit you will receive a secure electronic QR receipt. The receipt is only valid for 4 hours after submitting.
  • In Customs: Proceed to the Mobile Passport Express Lane, clearly marked, with your phone and passport ready to be presented.

There is also a convenient Global Entry program. The difference, however, is that Mobile Passport is free, while Global Entry sets you back $100 in fees once every five years.

App: IPhone and Android.

5. HereWeGo worldwide offline maps

HereWeGo is an easy to use app allows you to download any map,city, or road in the world.

When you get to your destination you can use your downloaded map for easy offline navigation.

I use HereWeGo all the time. Among many other places, it has provided me with very easy navigation and references in places like Havana, Cuba, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

You also have the capability of downloading Google maps for offline use. But personally, I don’t find their functionalities and ease of use as good as HereWeGo.

App: IOS and Android.

HereWeGo app offline Oslo
Here I am using HereWeGo offline in Oslo, Norway.

6. MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar

Here’s an airline pilot’s favorite app for you:

This is a fantastic app to check for weather activity en route, as well as at your destination. The app has lots of useful and practical features.

As a matter of fact, the app will display the weather for THE ENTIRE WORLD, in stunning radar color displays.

I would say that this one is a MUST for any air traveler!

App: IOS and Android.

MyRadar app for the world

7. Triposo

The Triposo app is a gem for worldwide travel.

Here you can download all types of guides for your destination. What to do, things to see, and so much more.

It’s like carrying a guide to the world inside one app.

Another MUST-HAVE. Triposo is my personal destination travel guide when I am out flying jets around our big globe.

App: IOS and Android.

Triposo app guide 3

The app has a pretty good F.A.Q-section, with explanations on how to use the app.

Triposo app guide 1
Triposo app guide 2

Travel Info not yet made into an App

Although the following travel references are not yet made into apps, we are including them here, as they provide valuable air travel info.

Since these links are U.S. Government links there is no saying when or if these references will become apps.

You simply go to your mobile phone’s browser to get the website you want. Then save the website in your phone’s home screen, or bookmark the site.

8. Airport Delays by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

  1. Save or bookmark the following site on your phone:
  2. Here you can see the current delay status (If any) of major U.S. airports.
  3. Initially, you will see the delay status of all the participating airports (picture 1 below). You can read the legend (below the map of the U.S.A. to see what the color dots on the map means.
  4. To get the particulars for the airport you wish to look up (picture 2 below), the easiest way is to first select the airport you want details about from the drop-down menu (upper right): View by Major Airport. Select your airport.

Picture 1

Picture 2

FAA airport delays U.S.A.
FAA airport delays, airport details

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