Contributing Aviation Expert Writers

We are very honored to have some highly professional volunteer aviation expert writers on our team. Our contributing aviation experts are among the very best aviation writers you can find anywhere.

These aviation experts will help you get better and up to date insights to hot news, trends, and tips within the aviation, airline, and air travel world, as it happens.

Captain Jetson is unique in that we make our aviation articles easy to read for everybody, from the casual air traveler to the top-notch aviation professional interested in the latest news, trends, and tips from the flying traveling world.

Aviation Writer Captain Les Jetson

Until now I have been the only writer on Captain Jetson with aviation expertise. But since we are in the process of building a team of some of the world’s best aviation writers you will be seeing many more expert writers and aviation articles in here!

Sincerely, Les

Our Aviation Experts, by alphabetical order of the writers first name:

Alex Martinez Rivera

Aviation Expert Alex Martinez Rivera

Alex is an extremely brilliant aviation professional. He has a lot to offer in terms of contributions to the aviation industry of the future. We feel so honored and privileged to have the highly educated Alex on board Captain Jetson’s aviation expert staff. He is a product of the world-renowned Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where his GPA is 4.0. (Bachelors of Science, Aerospace). This is how Alex describes himself:

“Aviation is my absolute passion, with more than a dozen countries visited during my short lifetime. From Alaska to Hawaii, to Italy to the UAE, to Singapore and Thailand. Ask me anything about airlines and aviation in general 8/10 chances are I would be able to answer your question.

You can find me at the intersection of Government, and Business. Always active on Twitter @amartinezrivera talking about Puerto Rico Politics as I was born there but also about other topics. Also, you can find me at

When I’m not writing, you can find me traveling the world and reading books to understand better cultures as I am fascinated by it. If you have the time on twitter look me up and ask me about the stock market, which is my third unfulfilled passion.”

Chalitha Nishanath

Chalitha Nishanath aviation writer

The bright and enthusiastic Chalitha describes himself:

“I am an aviation content writer who has served many airlines and privately owned aviation companies. Aviation has been my go-to field since my childhood. What makes me satisfied is the fact that I am engaged in full-time aviation content writing.”

His aviation education: Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Cat B1.1 (Airframe and Powerplant). You can contact Chalitha here.

Essam Sohail

essam Sohail, expert aviation writer

Essam has joined Captain Jetson’s contributing aviation expert writer-team from Pakistan. He has a Bachelors Degree in Aviation Management from the University of Management and Technology (UMT). His is also an alumnus of the University of Cambridge, as well as Punjab College.

He is a Certified Aircraft Weight and Balance Loader. Essam is also Certified on the Flight Simulator Cessna 172. He has gained valuable airport experience by working at different airports.

Essam describes himself in these words:

“I am hardworking and passionate about the aviation industry and looking for opportunities. Currently, I am doing my Flight Operating Officer course. If you are interested and want to ask me anything about aviation please don’t hesitate to contact me. My email is ALL THE BEST.”.

Here is Essam’s LinkedIn profile.

Aviation expert writer Nava Teja, Captain Jetson

Nava is a Business/Research Analyst, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology, Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering Technology/Technician/Distinction. He graduated in 2014.

Loving science and technology he was an A-student in math, physics, and chemistry.

Nava’s LinkedIn profile can be found here.

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