Recourse if cheaper airfare found later? – Same airline, same flight

Your Ticket Refund or Exchange rights

Do you have any recourse if you find a cheaper airfare on the same airline four days after your original ticket purchase? Can you get your money back for the original ticket?

The answer lies in the fare rules

We get tons of inquiries with airline passenger questions on a daily basis. Normally I would only put the most commonly asked questions here, in the “Most Commonly Asked Passenger Questions” of Captain jetson.

The question discussed here is a good one, but with an answer not often easily visible defined by the airlines.

Although my answer requires some “digging for information” on the passenger’s behalf, the key is to have a basic knowledge of how rules and regulations work.

The airline’s own corporate rules are finely overlapped with what the government says an airline can and cannot do with their fare policies.

Alright, the U.S. government rules, in my opinion, are very skimpy on passenger rights, in general. For example, the European Union provides a much more detailed and clear outline of what your passenger rights are.

If you do find a cheaper airfare on the same airline after your initial ticket purchase: Answer

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Read “the fine print” of that airline’s conditions for your original ticket purchase, plus the conditions for the cheaper fare you found.

Every airline operates differently. Sometimes there are specific conditions for purchase indicated, sometimes clearly spelled out. Other times it’s not.

If there are no specific conditions for your particular ticket, then the rule reverts to the airline’s own corporate policies, as well as the government rules that any airline has to follow.

You can also call the airline to ask. But you’ll sometimes find that a customer service agent is not the right person to get certain answers from. Airline customer service people are like the customer service people in any business industry.

They are there to provide customer service, but often with no decision-making authority. And that is not the fault of the agent, who has been placed in a sometimes difficult position dealing with advanced matters that they simply don’t have the answers to.

Customer service agents are also notorious for possessing very little knowledge about the product they are there to sell.

This is often the result of poor employee (or contractor) training.

Most major airlines, however, usually have well-trained, great customer service agents.

Low-cost budget airlines, however, is often a whole different story. Poor customer service training, often utilizing third-party contractors handling (non-existing) “customer service” is rampant.

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