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The availability of airline, airport, and aviation jobs, in general, are plentiful. However, getting that job, launching you into a rewarding aviation career is often full of challenges.

Captain Jetson Job Consulting for your Airline – Airport – Aviation Career

Our Career Consulting is backed by 42 years of experience in the aviation industry. Captain Les can give you professionally qualified aviation job and career consultation & advice.

There are job positions for everybody in the Aviation Industry

There are aviation jobs and career opportunities worldwide. The key to such a job is knowing HOW to get that job!

Each airline job, airport job or any other aviation job requires different backgrounds and qualifications for each position.

However, whether you only have a high school education or you have an advanced degree or professional qualifications, such as a commercial pilot license, there are also jobs available that come with very little background qualifications.

Which aviation jobs are most popular?

Without a doubt, working for a major airline is the most attractive dream in most aviation job seekers’ minds. The benefits of a major airline job are generally fantastic, extending to all full-time positions within the airline.

Who doesn’t want benefits such as flying around the world for free, anywhere your airline flies, along with the tons of other benefits, such as great medical insurance and paid vacations?

Do you want your aviation career to take off? Here is Captain Jimenez taking off on a Boeing 737 flight from Havana Cuba to Panama.

Who can benefit from aviation job & career consulting?

Receiving qualified advice and guidance towards your personal aviation-goal can make a difference in how fast you will achieve your goal.

For example,

  • Are you a student pilot or flight instructor seeking advice on how to best plan ahead or proceed to your next goal?
  • Are you already a pilot seeking further career advice?
  • Do you want to become a flight attendant (cabin crew)? p.s. NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!
  • Seeking a local airport job?
  • Do you want to become an airline gate agent or work on the ramp?
  • Are you already in an aviation job, seeking consultation as to what move to make next?
  • Is your goal to work yourself into an aviation management job?
  • Looking for an aviation job for the U.S. Government, i.e. as an Air Traffic Controller, or perhaps the FAA?

Do you have a list of specific questions you need answers to? Make sure you present your questions during your consultation appointment.

Aviation Consulting that is (very) affordable

Guidance towards the right moves in your job search and career advancement aspirations does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

Unlike other aviation consultants charging very high fees, specializing only in the aspect of preparing you for an airline pilot job, Captain Jetson helps you prepare for any aviation job, for a very low fee!

If you book a consultation with Captain Les you will receive guidance and opinions on the best approach to reaching your goal for an airline job, airport job or any other aviation job, to jumpstart your progress towards a successful career in aviation.

Arranging your Professional Aviation Career Consultation is easy

First Step:

Send Captain Les an email here

Let us know:

  1. Your name and location (i.e. Heather Jones, New York).
  2. State what aviation-goal you need guidance with.
  3. Your aviation background and qualifications, if any. Attach your resume if you have one.

Second step:

We will respond to your email, give you an estimate of consultation time needed for you, and proceed by coordinating a convenient time for your career consultation appointment with Captain Les.

airline airport aviation jobs consulting
Are you an aspiring airline pilot and do you want to make this your office? A personal consultation with Captain Les could help you on your way into an airline cockpit.

Aviation Consultations are available from anywhere you are in the world!

Our consultations will take place (your choice) by:

  • Facetime (video or voice).
  • Phone call (you call us).
  • Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger (chat or video).
  • If you are in the Los Angeles area: consultation in person, held in Pasadena, California (to be resumed after the COVID-19 pandemic is over).

Aviation Job & Career Consultation fees

Invest in a professional aviation consultation now to help secure your future.

Consultation fees start at US$25 for a 15-minute consultation, billed in increments of $25 for every 15 minutes. For example, a full one-hour consultation costs US$100.

Clients are billed in advance using PayPal as safe and secure payment channels.

Client Testimonials

“Becoming a flight attendant had always been my lifelong dream. Les gave me the greatest advice in only 30 minutes(!) He steered me in the right step-by-step direction, resulting in me getting hired with a major airline.”

Leo C, New York

“Les gave me the perfect advice on how to apply with the airline I wanted to fly for. I simply had no connections in the industry to help me. A year later I was hired as a pilot for a regional airline!”

Dan A, California

“Thank you for guiding me to get hired as an airline ticket agent, where to apply and how to apply! A consultation well invested!”

Jennifer N, Texas
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Featured Image: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Photo:

Disclosure: Captain Jetson Aviation Consulting is a professional consulting service and not an employer or an employment agency.

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