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Flight Delay Compensation Help

You can get paid up to
$700 USD / €600 Euros
(per passenger) if your flight had a
Delay/Missed Connection or Cancellation, or if you were Denied Boarding!

Flight Delay means what?

In general, it means that there is more than a 3 hour delay from your airline’s scheduled arrival time, for which you can claim compensation.

What’s the definition of a cancelled flight?

Cancelled Flight compensation rights take effect if your flight was cancelled by the airline less than 14 days before your departure date.

Denied Boarding means what?

You qualify for Denied Boarding compensation if you were bumped off an overbooked flight that you have a confirmed ticket on.

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The painful truth

You can file your claim yourself, but be prepared for a lot of headaches!

First, you need to be prepared to learn how this process works on your own with no one to help you. 

Then you need to do all the “leg-work” yourself, from filing to communication with your airline, to solving problems often incurred on the way. You would even have to go to court yourself, should the airline contest your claim.

Even worse, 70% of passengers doing the claim process on their own are reporting that:

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  • Airlines don’t reply to you when you file a claim.
  • Even if they reply chances are they ignore paying you!

If you don’t mind handling this process on your own, then go ahead and file.

If you’d rather sit back, relax, and do nothing until you log onto your bank account to see your money deposited, then Air-Collect is for you!

Why should you choose Air-Collect to handle your compensation claim?

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  1. Air-Collect has their own in-house experienced legal team fighting for you. The team specializes in aviation and consumer law. They never outsource claims.
  2. They never charge any admin fees on any claim. Their competition typically charge you up to $33 USD/€29 Euro per passenger!
  3. It does not cost you a penny to use them. If they cannot get the money you are entitled to then you don’t owe them anything, regardless of how much work they put into your case.
  4. Their settlement fee is only charged after you receive your money. After you receive your compensation award Air-Collect only charges 25% when the airline pays your compensation out of court, or 30% when court settlements are required. p.s. Other flight delay compensation services typically charge up to 30% for out of court settlements and up to a whopping 50% for court settlements!
  5. Air-Collect pays out net claims amount in major currencies, whatever your preference is. Further, their bank transfer fees are among the lowest in the industry.
  6. Their service is available in English, Spanish, French, and Dutch. More service languages are planned.

Step 1: File your online claim

filing an airline compensation claim

It’s free, convenient, easy to do, and your claim only takes a few minutes to complete. Connect with Air-Collect now:

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Step 2: Sit back and Relax while Air-Collect does EVERYTHING for you

Step 3: Receive Your Money!

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  1. Airlines don’t reply to you when you file a claim when someone faces these issues.
    Even if they reply chances are they ignore paying you!
    This article is very good.

  2. You can file your claim yourself, but be prepared for a lot of headaches (I did just that!). This whole compensation issue is hugely misunderstood I think. Interestingly, people in Europe seem to be well educated about this, just not here in the U.S.

    1. Great point Phil. You are 100% on the button with your observation of Americans not being aware of their claim rights. But there has been very little effort made on educating airline passengers in the U.S.

  3. Yeah, these flight compensation companies are really working 🙂 I have used Skycop for mine, would definitely recommend.

    1. Good to hear Lucke. Few people seem to be aware of these services though, especially in the U.S. Therefore we posted this to help spread the word for airline passengers to raise awareness of their rights.

  4. My friend just got paid 600 euro times 4 (less service fee) for her family trip that was disrupted! Not a bad deposit for the next holiday! was awesome!

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