How to Become a Flight Attendant and Get Paid to Travel

How to become a Flight Attendant

Are you one of those countless people whose dream is to become a Flight Attendant? Do you wish you could get paid to travel?

Your idea of this job and lifestyle perceived as a “life of glory” comes with both good and bad sides.

But that’s another subject of conversation.

I turned the how to become a Flight Attendant – question over to my Flight Attendant friend Jennifer. She is a Management Recruiter for the Flight Attendant Hiring Department at my own major U.S. airline.

Answers to How to Become a Flight Attendant

Here is what Jennifer advised you to do:

First, determine which airline(s) you are interested in becoming a Flight Attendant (FA for short) for. Each airline and each country has their own qualifications for applying, although requirements tend to be similar worldwide.

Go to the airline’s website, look under their sitemap. Most have Flight Attendant employment info on their site. They just may be accepting applications at this time!

Also check the website HERE, entitled Flight Attendant Jobs – Flight Attendant hiring.

This site is well-known in the airline world for Flight Attendant information, as it has tons of the information you need.

You can also apply to individual airlines directly from that site!

Flight Attendant Recruitment events

Check for live Flight Attendant Recruitment events in your area. Those are only held occasionally.

To find these events, keep checking the individual airlines’ websites.

You can also find the recruitment events listed in local newspapers, under “employment”.

The method most commonly used to find these events involves a Google-search, by entering: “airline flight attendant recruitment events”.

Flight Attendant
How to Become a Flight Attendant? Be confident and positive, and believe in your dreams always.

Don't waste your time - save your money!

Do not waste your time or your money by attending a private Flight Attendant school. It won’t help you get hired with an airline. You’ll learn everything you need in your airline’s own school.

Airlines have their own Flight Attendant training program, to be able to train you and mold you into a Flight Attendant, THEIR way.

Recommendation for an Interview

If you know someone working at the airline you’re applying to, ask the person to give you a recommendation.

Sometimes this helps. Other times not.

It really depends on who the person recommending you is.

Does that person have an excellent work record with the airline? Is that recommending person an influencer within the the management of the company? 

So many factors come into play within this subject.

The bottom line: Don’t sweat it if you have no contacts from within. 

If you meet the airline’s qualification requirements for applying for a Flight Attendant position you should eventually get called in for that interview.

Male Flight Attendants
Male and Female Flight Attendants are in equal demand.

After submitting your application -
The "Waiting-Game" has started!

If you are qualified, in order to get that first interview PATIENCE is most often the key. 

IF the airline allows, or if their system is set up for this:

UPDATE and submit your resume often, any time there is something new to add of value to your application. It shows continued sincere interest in the position.

Major Airlines, in particular have tens of thousands of Flight Attendant applications on file at any given time.

You are just one number in that huge pile of applicants.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear anything from the airline real soon.

three flight attendants
The dream of many women and men: to become a Flight Attendant.

Your Interview

Once you get that interview, there is no “magic secret” to how to get hired.

Just be yourself, be confident, professional, natural, outgoing, with a beautiful smile on your face.

Think about possible interview questions/answers before you go in, such as “Why do you want to become an FA?” “Why do you want to work for XYZ Airlines”?, etc.

I passed my interview, now what?

Passing the first interview is usually only the first step in a rather lengthy hiring process. Most airlines will have you come back for a second, perhaps a third interview too!

Each interview is a screening process, to ensure the airline gets their right person for the job.

A lot is involved with the Flight Attendant interview process, including security clearance requirements and drug testing, for all kinds of drugs, including marijuana and alcohol, just to mention a couple of things.

Is the Flight Attendant position a difficult job to get? 

Yes, but absolutely obtainable, if you have the right personality and the greatest positive attitude.

Best of luck to you!

Pan Am flight attendants
The good old days. Classy Pan Am flight attendants on a Boeing 747.

The Flight Attendant title

Varieties of the word “Flight Attendant” differ in various parts of the world.

These are a few samples titles used to describe the position of a Flight Attendant among people and airlines all over the world. Varieties of the title differ greatly from country to country, and airline to airline:

  • Flight Attendant.
  • Air Hostess or Air Host.
  • Cabin Crew members (Pilots, in comparison, are Flight Crew members)
  • The Purser, Flight Purser, Cabin Manager, Chief flight Attendant, or First Flight Attendant is the flight attendant supervisor, overseeing the other flight attendants and the passenger safety and comfort for your flight.
  • Stewardess or Steward (the common title for a Flight Attendant back in the old days), is still used in many parts of the world.
flight attendants salute
Flight Attendants having fun, enjoying their job

If you get hired with a major airline, here's what you can expect

You not only get paid to fly as a Flight Attendant. The airline also pays 100% of your hotel room cost, and they typically pay you for 24/7 per-diem while you’re on duty. 

You also receive a full benefits package, including retirement benefits.

On your time off you can travel for free, and you receive greatly reduced rates at major hotels!

If you got that job...

Please let us know about your experiences, from the interviews, to getting hired, onto training, and finally flying the line as a  cabin crew member.

Or, if you simply have questions…

We’d love to hear from you!

Take care, maybe our paths will cross at work on duty some day?

Captain Les

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