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40 Funny Airplane Cabin Pictures, what Flight Attendants see every day!

Flight Attendants are the Heroes of the Cabin

Have you ever witnessed some of the hilarious stunts that airline passengers pull on flight attendants?

There is a saying among airline pilots, that Flight attendants are the greatest psychologists on Earth.

They are also the heroes of the airplane cabin, expertly handling every personality showing up in their airplane.

The flight attendants are primarily there for your safety. Safety involves so many different aspects of a successful and safe airline operation.

Diffusing a passenger situation that has the potential of escalating into something that affects safety is only one thing a Flight Attendant’s duties curtail. 

flight attendants

Funny airplane cabin pictures from real-life

Most of these pictures are just plain funny. Other pictures would be commented upon, perhaps perceived as being “nasty”.

But, what you see would sometimes result in complaints from only a handful of other passengers, finding behavior such as what you see here offending.

That, in turn, always has the potential to develop into an escalation of verbal expressions, even physical altercations in-flight.

The pictures are a collection of images submitted to from our web visitors, as well as from flight attendants and my fellow airline pilots following our website.

These pictures are not intended to offend anyone. Rather, they are posted as a rather humorous presentation of part of the fun that airline life provides.

So, how would YOU react, at least privately, if you were a Flight Attendant and you had to deal with what you see in these pictures?

“Service” Animals

There is no limit to what passengers claim to be their service animals. Service animals, following each airline’s guidelines for what qualifies as such, are permitted in the cabin. That is, if approved by the airline for each individual case. 

So, here we go…

Turkey service animal cabin
Did I miss Thanksgiving dinner?

Pig service animal cabin
Attack therapy pig, guarding his seat.
Pony service animal cabin
That’s not fair!!! You got a cheap ticket in coach with your therapy pony. I had to buy an expensive FIRST CLASS ticket for my therapy HORSE!

kangaroo service animal cabin
This therapy kangaroo is for a nervous, jumpy passenger.
Tarantula service animal airplane cabin
This passenger uses tarantula-therapy to overcome fear of flying.

Pig service animal airplane cabin
Bye, I’ll never fly this airline again! I wanted a whole row to myself and my service animal.
duck service animal cabin
Everyone in the aisle pet me please. Free therapy for the whole cabin!

Target dog service animal cabin
Target’s Service Mascot resting after a Board of Directors meeting, calming down his owner after a stressful fourth quarter earnings results.
Penguins service animal cabin
We were supposed to be on the flight to Antarctica, not Cancun!

Other passenger “companions”

Other “companions” sometimes create a headache for Flight Attendants. They are neither humans or animals!

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Believe it or not, but passengers indeed purchase a separate seat ticket for these “companions”.

The dilemma: the extra ticket was indeed erroneously sold by the airline, but the question of safety now comes into play. 

The airline’s ticket seller may be happy to sell the seat to anybody (or anything). But aviation authorities in the country where you are may look at animate objects in the seat as carry-on belonging in the overhead compartment or under the seat in the front of you.

But, how the heck can you stick a cello instrument into the overhead???

Ooops, I guess not even the gate agent thought of that one before allowing the passenger to board!

Thus, our heroes, the Flight Attendants, are sometimes left with the responsibility of finding out whether that object sitting in the seat can legally “sit” there, even with the seat belt strapped around the thing.

Panda in seat
Business meeting on a flight from Bejing to Los Angeles.

Cello passenger
Philharmonic Cello hitting a high note.
Hamburger passenger
A burger KING should be in First Class.

Passenger in plastic
Rabbi in plastic, New York to Los Angeles.
Diosaur toys travel photo
TRAVEL TIP: Travel photos always turn out better with dinosaur toys.

A typical day surrounded by Airline Passengers

Did you see the movie “Groundhog Day”, where actor Bill Murray wakes up every morning to the same routine and the same surroundings?

Well, airline crew life inside an airplane cabin can often remind you about that movie…

stinking socks on an airplane
This cutie-pie could teach adults something about common-sense decency on an airplane.

socks drying airplane windshield
Isn’t that cool? This dude has invented a sock-dryer, using the window shades as a support mechanism.
Calisthenics teacher trying to recruit new clients between Boston and San Francisco.

…while others prefer coach class privacy, using self-initiated ingenuity.
Now, that is a practical solution to pacifying a child.

eyes in back
This passenger does not trust anyone!
sleeping mask
Hmmm, guess he doesn’t want anyone to bug him.

These guys met for the first time on this flight. They are not twins or brothers. Incredible!
Even Walt Disney had fun when flying
Walt Disney had fun flying.

smoking in cabin
Smoking in the cabin was the norm in the old days.
passenger resting
Is this man a fly in disguise?

ja man
This girl is checking out the Rastafarian hairdo. Or, is it an octopus? Ja man, onto Jamaica.
planet of the apes
Safety and Security… did the TSA make him remove his mask, or would it be politically incorrect to ask?

earplugs nose
Can someone please explain what these foam-pieces are for?
feet up
Thank you, that is real considerate to the person in front of you.

sleeping guy
This guy has no worries in the world.
brat alert
Mischievous child on board.

Kobe Bryant
Basketball Star Kobe Bryant enjoying some rest enroute.
sloppy guy
This dude could be a Sumo wrestler. The airline pillow cover on his head is really fashionable.

Some flight attendant did not know when to cut this guy’s alcohol consumption.
brat alert
Serious “brat-warning” in effect for the next 11 hours of flight.

Business Class is nice. But, with my luck…?
woman sleep
This woman will make it hard for the flight attendants to push the service cart through.

drunk passenger tied up
This is what happens if you drink that whole bottle of duty free alcohol you purchased before your flight.

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