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How One Air Travel Agency Specialty Owner Started his Travel Business

Travel Business Niches Around The World

We asked an Air Travel Agency specialty owner how he found his niche.

The agency’s owner, let’s call him Mr. Kahn, the CEO of his own Air Travel Agency located in Pakistan.

Mr. Kahn comes from an aviation background. After he completed his degree in aviation he started his own business. He did not want to pursue a job working for others,

The company’s Travel Agency Specialty

Mr. Kahn has found a very unique niche within the air travel agency industry in Pakistan.

He is serving a niche in high demand among travelers of the Muslim faith!

Mr. Kahn’s services offer tickets and tourism services, as well as travel-visa services. He specializes in the following travel needs, although his agency also provides most of the typical general services provided by a travel agency:

Hajj Travel

Hajj is the pilgrimage of Muslims to Mecca, which takes place in the last month of the year. The pilgrimage is expected to be made at least once in a lifetime.

Umrah Travel

Umrah is another pilgrimage by Muslims to Mecca, but a non-mandatory one. This pilgrimage can be performed at any time of the year.

How Owning a Travel Agency brought Mr. Kahn from Dream to Reality to Success!

Mr. Kahn is very passionate about his profession. After graduation, majoring in aviation, he was very clear on wanting to start his own business.

Working a regular job as an employee just wasn’t for him.

However, starting his own business he was in a challenging position where he was low on funds. The ability to endure rent and office staffing expenses would be very limited for him.

The Travel Agency Business Startup

He finally managed to contribute the funds needed from his own pocket, however, as a sole proprietor business. Next, office space was rented and his business was started.

With the passage of time, he was able to build his public relations and reputation. On that basis, he was able to sell his tickets, provide visa services, as well as providing Umrah-specific travel services.

Air Travel Agency Success

We asked him about how he makes money from his business.

“Monetary compensation comes on the basis of meeting or exceeding the sales goals set by the airlines. The bonus is very good in the monetary award amount”.

With all his struggles at upstart, he now owns his office place. he also has an office staff who are working under his supervision.

Asking him how he measures his staff’s performances he told us that he personally give assignments to his staff. At the completion of assignments, he solicits feedback from customers and staff.

Expansion Plans for his Air Travel Agency

Later on, we asked him about his long term and short term plans.

Mr. Kahn told us that his short term plan is to meet the airline objectives so that he can be getting a bonus by the end of the year from its sales.

His long term plans are to start his business franchise in other cities as well.

Air Travel Agency Business Hurdles

We asked if the air travel agency business is facing any regulatory hurdles.

He told us that when they launch tourism in specific countries the challenge lies in the travel-visa rules and regulations for Pakistani nationals.

This is particularly true in countries like Dubai, Italy, and in Europe in general. Government rules are simply very strict there!

The Specific Challenge

Some customers fail to produce their desired income statement, while others fail to be authentic with their paperwork.

The embassies of several countries have strict rules nowadays, which sometimes leads to rejection of travel visas of the customers.

As a result, the customer becomes unhappy, negatively affecting our business.

Europe, in particular, is a popular tourist destination. But restrictions and requirements laid out by the embassies prevent travelers from traveling.

Visa denials and cancellations are widespread.

Keeping Travelers Happy

Lastly, we asked Mr. Kahn what’s the solution to the visa-approval problem?

To reduce rejections, he told us that he is now running a trial test of all the required documents for obtaining a visa.

Documents and requirements are now thoroughly pre-checked prior to submittal. The clients are happy with their services as a result.

He also mentioned by this plan they are gradually decreasing their customers’ rejection chances.

That, in turn, has a positive impact on their business.

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