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How do you recover from jetlag?

Overcoming jetlag from flights

There are no such things as a “quick fix” for the age-old question how do you recover from jetlag.

A lot of medical research is being done on the subject. Overcoming circadian rhythm disturbance, however, does not offer any immediate solutions to an immediate fix.

Keep this important info in mind

In general terms, it takes one day to recover from jetlag for every two time zones that you cross. This, in turn, is dependent on a person’s genetics.

Here are the jetlag remedies that work best for me

Steps to recover from jetlag

Photo: © Captain Jetson

So how can you best-overcome jetlag? Each person you speak with has their own solution.

What works best for me, after averaging four long-haul flights a month between the U.S. and Europe or Pacific/Asia nonstop for 32 years is this:

1. Stay hydrated with water.

2. Light therapy: Spend 20 minutes in daylight/in the sun after arrival, if you arrive during daylight hours.

3. Take 3mg melatonin before going to bed for the night at your destination.

Happy flying everyone!


Featured Photo: © Captain Jetson

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